Retired, sort of

I’ve left the corporate world. I’m now a SAHM. This is the toughest job I’ve ever had. But man, do I love my bosses.

I <3 Target

A coworker and I made a run to SuperTarget at lunchtime. The Target on Colorado Blvd has wine. And beer. And wine in a box. And single serving wine. In a box. Did I mention the wine in a box? I know that liquor stores and wine stores have stocked wine in a box for some time. But, Target! Target now has everything I need. Of course I took a picture with my new phone, which was blog worthy until I found the wine in a box at Target.

Target Wine

Why I Love Working Downtown

Because I get to walk to interesting places. My last job was in a soul sucking business park.

Today, it was 75 degrees outside. Yes. That’s right. Seventy-five degrees. As in the average temperature for Denver in May or September. But it is November. YAY global warming, or Chinooks. Whichever. Whatever. Anyway, I took two walks today – in addition to my obligatory walk from the bus to the office and back again. In the morning I went to go get coffee. In the afternoon I went to the bookstore looking for a very particular SQL Server book that they didn’t have in stock. But I digress.

Both times it was beautiful out. Warm. But not too warm. Sunny. But not too sunny. A perfect day to be outside. I didn’t have my camera with me today, so you’ll have to trust me that it was great. Maybe other people’s pictures of Denver will convince you.

No Crayons

A few days ago I put my full pen mug in my bag to bring it to work. Elliot asked me about it and I told him I was taking my pens and pencils to work. He said, “oh and you can use your crayons too.” I told him that I didn’t have crayons at work. He replied with, “oh” and a look that said, “Poor mommy.”

Week One, Recap

Monday: Installed Firefox and YM, all set to work.
Tuesday: Built secondary test environment and created new database naming convention.
Wednesday: Deleted data from production. On purpose.
Thursday: Released data changes into production system.
Friday: Brought in kids’ pictures and water bottle.
It’s like I’ve been here for years.


When I started at my last job, my biggest fear was truncating a production table. Why? Well, I had done it at the job prior to that. It’s not why I left, but it scarred me.

My fear here is that I’ll get my boss’s dog run over. I took her for a walk. I needed a break and she looked like she could use some fresh air too. As we were waiting to cross the street and a bus zoomed by it occurred to me that this could be the end of my career. Dog killing database architect is not a title I need.

Thanks for the Memories

Tomorrow is my last day at Wire One Communications, formerly V-Span, formerly Peer Digital, formerly 1800-Video-On. (Our Senior VP just reminded me that our URI was, blech.) I’ve accepted a position at InComm beginning Monday, October 2. For those of you temporally challenged, I’m taking two days off between jobs.

I’ve been here, well not really here because we’ve moved buildings, for nearly six years. I’ve done this longer than any other one thing in my life. I got married while working here, bought a house, had kids, bought another house. I’ve also made some wonderful friends.

And that’s what I will miss the most. These smart, smart people.

I started at 1800-Video-On as a Junior Database Administrator. I’m leaving as a Database Architect, walking into a Senior DBA position. When I resigned my manager said the best thing you can do for your staff is to make them good enough that they can go on to other things. The people here have done that for me. They’ve all made me better at what I do. I can’t imagine working with a more talented group of developers and systems people. But it’s time for me to go.

I Speak Mozilla

All names have been removed to protect the innocent.

Excerpts from an email thread that my department was copied on:

Customer writes:

Our Tupelo, MS division uses Mozilla. We understand that the latest version of [] does support Mozilla – but the last time we checked [] did not have the most currect version of [], therefore, you could not support Mozilla. Can we get an updated status on what version you have presently and if you do support Mozilla? Please let us know.

Sales rep forwards the email to Software. Software engineer replies with:

We would like to upgrade our [], but the latest version does not support the language capabilities needed by other customers. We are waiting to hear from [] as to when there will be language support and I do not believe we have been given a timeline.

Sales rep replies with:

What about [] question regarding Mozilla, is that the language you were talking about?

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