U Really Got a Hold On Me

Enough with depressing financial news. And weird weather.

Kickin’ it old school with Smokey.

A Helper Suitable for Him

So disgusted.

And embarassed.


Go listen, I’ll wait.

Clearly Senator Renfroe did not attend the same oration classes our President did. My goodness. My dearly departed Speech Coach in high school would have had her hands full with his stammering and what-I-mean-to-says. Spit it out already man: You’re a hate monger.

Mr Renfroe does represent a more conservative part of our state. But not the the most conservative. Greeley is a nice sized college town located in northern Colorado. It’s a ranch town. It’s predominitly White (80.4%), has a lot of families (>25% of the population is under 18), only a quarter of the adult population have college degrees. Fine. It’s conservative. That does not give Senator Renfroe the right to stand on the Senate floor and say that a) I was put on the planet to help my husband and give him children ONLY and b) align gays & lesbians with murderers.


I went looking for the Golden Rule because I too can quote scripture. Instead I came across an article from a debate in Sept 2007 where each of the Democratic candidates was asked their favorite bible verse. Now Veep Biden had an answer that I think refers to Senator Renfroe

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr.: “Christ’s warning of the Pharisees. There are many Pharisees, and it’s part of what has bankrupted some people’s view about religion. And I worry about the Pharisees.”

Granted, I had to look up Pharisees. Jesus said they are like

whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

I think Biden was warning us of Senator Renfroe. Jesus too. Thank you jeebus!

And if your knickers are knotted, go here and tell Senator Renfroe what you think of his hate speech.

Better Watch Out


I didn’t realize how tired I was, how stressed out, how on-edge. When I wasn’t listening to NPR I was surfing CNN or HuffPost or MOMocrats. But last night? Last night I went to bed when the kids did. And I slept a peaceful sleep. This morning, I gripped the steering wheel a little less and there were tunes instead of news coming out of my radio. That’s not to say I’m reverting back to my head in the sand ways, but it’s nice to be able to relax on my way to work instead of inventorying my house for my move to Canada.

This morning, this is what lifted my spirits.

If you need more music, Wreke’s theme for NaBloPoMo is Blatantly Bad 70s Music.

Yes We Can

I don’t often post more than once per day. And given it’s NaBloPoMo I shouldn’t be blowing my wad all at once. I was going to post this tomorrow, but I think it’s needed today.

I wonder if what I feel now is the feeling of being a part of history in the making.

Go. Vote.

Yes We Can

I never intended to be a political blogger. That’s good, because I suck at it. Good political commentators can say more than, “Gah.” And their heads don’t explode when someone says, “Sarah Palin.” Or maybe they explode a little bit but their filters keep it from rushing out their mouths.


Here we are, three weeks before the election. Yesterday the DJIA closed up over 900 points. Bush’s approval rating is in the toilet. The gap is widening between Obama and McCain, but not enough to ensure victory. These will be a long 21 days ahead of us I am sure.

Here is a little boy though that brought joy to my cold, grey heart.

hat tip: MOMocrats, per usual.

Don’t Fear a President Obama

Twice in that campaign stop McCain had to talk his supporters off the ledge. These are scary people. I assume they’ll be voting. So, you go vote too, m’kay?

More over at MOMocrats.

The Great Shlep

Sarah Silverman should totally be Obama’s campaign manager.

Also, I’ll be back to regular posting soon. In a funk. Economy sucks. Perpetual anger at Caribou Barbie.

Past My Bedtime

In case you missed Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton on SNL …

Real Fears

I worry. I am a worrier. It is my hobby. If it were an Olympic sport I would dominate. I worry in my own head. I worry out loud.

I worry about a third Bush Term. And it’s not my garden-variety worry. It’s real anxiety, panic-inducing worry.

Hat tip: MOMocrats

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