The Best Christmas Show*

Something pretty and shiny to distract you from the lack of posting. I’m pretty sure this is a new record for me.

*that’s my mom’s title of the performance, not that she’s biased or anything

Gary’s Speech on Healthcare

I may be illiterate but I surround myself with very, very smart people. Take for example my friend Gary. He’s a magnificent orator and his speech is thoughtful. I wish the debate on healthcare, and every other government interest, could be articulated this well by the media.

For those who don’t know I’ve been in Toastmasters for 2 years and recently I developed a speech that had excellent reviews. As such I gave it as a test speech at a contest and subsequently was invited to another Toastmasters club to give it a 3rd time. They captured it on video. Maybe it’s meaningful to someone out there in the blog-o-sphere.

His blog.

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Seat Franken Already

Thankfully the folks over at Huffington Post are scouring YouTube for us!

Did you know that the people of MN still only have one senator representing them in Washington, DC? The votes were certified in January. Al Franken, formerly of SNL, had won. However, his opponent was a sore loser and has sued – it’s in the MN state supreme court currently.

Here’s Al Franken’s opponent talking with a supporter during the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference in St Louis, MO earlier this week. Pay special attention beginning at :40. Feel free to turn it off after the gaffe.

Wrong in More Ways Than Six

Ah, Chris misses me. It was just enough to motivate me to hit the news sites and find something, anything to rant about. The Bristol Palin People cover? Nah. Too easy. How about this gem?

A group of sixth-graders made a YouTube video about how to kill a classmate. Sixth graders. Kill. A classmate.

I recall sixth grade, I was in elementary school. I think I had just muttered “fuck”. To highlight how amazingly naive I was, my seventh grade birthday celebration was at a skating rink. With roller skates. The kind with 4-wheels.

I digress.

In sixth grade I played with Barbies and my friends. And when we didn’t like someone? We so didn’t invite them to the slumber party. BURN. We did not think of not one, but six ways to kill them.

These little girls are well past being mean girls (follow that link, I double dog dare you – it doesn’t go where you expect!). They’re twelve years old and they’re openly discussing how to kill a classmate. One of the parents was too busy making dinner to pay attention to the victimized girl’s mother. Too busy? Do we, as a society, dismiss violent behavior when girls do it? Do we only worry about our boys? Or maybe I’m over wondering and we don’t generally pay attention?

I can guarantee you that if you called me and said that either of my children had been involved in the intimidation and threatening of your child – I’d be listening. I’d be shocked. And I’d most likely be in denial, but I’d be listening. Even if I had to set the Hamburger Helper aside.

If one of their neighborhood cats shows up shaved or set on fire these girls should be marked prime suspects.

Embedded video from CNN Video



And her rendition 18 months ago.

In the Mirror

Everybody’s Free

Summer started today. And since she’ll burn, we broke out the sunscreen

In this graduation season, here’s a little commencement speech for us all (and a reminder to wear sunscreen)


I was going to title this “Cow in Foxx Clothing,” but Peter says that attacking her personally probably isn’t helpful.


It’s my blog.

Representative Virgina Foxx is a horrible, horrible person. And a liar. And most definitely a piece of shit.

I lived in northern Colorado when Matthew Shepard was murdered. He did not die during a robbery. He died in a Ft Collins hospital after being beaten and left tied to a fence on a cold Wyoming winter night. He was killed because he was gay. It was not a hoax.

Earlier this month she used the phrase “tar baby” on the House floor. She’s dispicable. I hope she enjoys the hell she most certainly believes in.

Rep Foxx should be ashamed. I hope the good people on NC vote her out her next term.

Stuck in My Head

And now yours too. You’re welcome.

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