Casa Bonita

On Elliot’s last day as a free kid, that is a kid not tethered to the school calendar we visited a Denver landmark: Casa Bonita. It’s so fantastic. And no, I am not talking about the food. I remember going there as a kid. It hasn’t changed one bit.

You order, grab a tray, your food is placed on said tray and you are taken to a table. On a weekend night the line can be very, very long.

Since we were there in the middle of the week for lunch we were able to sit near the main stage. Black Bart, Sheriff, a gorilla and his trainer all ran right by our table (not all simultaneously) much to Elliot’s delight. We had a great view of the cliff diver too.

Elliot was entranced by the whole thing. If you haven’t been, it’s a little like dinner theater for children. He even liked most of his lunch (I can’t blame him for skipping the enchilada, corn tortilla + velveeta <> enchilada), he especially enjoyed the limitless sopapillas and the self-serve honey.

Before we went to Black Bart’s cave we snapped a happy picture. He didn’t enjoy the cave (it’s a little dark and creepy and makes weird noises). After the cave he was done with Casa Bonita which was fine, I didn’t want to go to the arcade.

First Day of Kindergarten

Elliot started school last Wednesday. To say he was excited would be an understatement. On Friday when I picked him up he declared it “the best day of Kindergarten EVER” because he got to do some math.

I didn’t cry.

His teacher is (so far) awesome. She just returned from teaching for a year in China. She’s so enthusiastic, it’s hard not to be affected. We’re all very excited for this year. Even Audrey, the sooner it’s over the sooner she goes to Kindergarten.

Shirt Dress

Months ago I saw a post about how to turn a men’s dress shirt into a shirt dress for a kid. I thought, I can do that! And then a few months passed and I saw another where she claims it to be easy! I can definitely do it if it’s easy.

My crafty partner in crime brought her machine over for another episode of “Seamstresses that Drink”. We liberally applied vodka and our own interpretation of the instructions. I had to add lace to my creation to hide the fact I can’t sew a straight line. In the end however, I am pleased with how it turned out. In all I spent less than $6 (since I already had the shirt) – that’s $1.99 for lace, $2.39 for thread and $1.00 for buttons.

Back detail – daisy button attaching the strap to the dress

Front detail – the front of the dress is the back of the shirt (the buttons run up the back of the dress)

Back with buttons (in real! button holes). You can still see the tag in the dress from its first life.

It’s difficult to see, but the same brown trim is on the straps and the bottom of the dress. I did a zigzag on the hem – I thought it went with the lines on the fabric a little better.

The dress is a little big around Audrey’s torso, but will be fine with a t-shirt under it. I used the buttons on the straps so I can let out the length as needed.

Overall, I am pleased (like I said) and will probably attempt this again. I like the idea of reusing old shirts, it’s definitely cheaper than fabric. Also, I would suspect that with some searching you could find some pretty interesting patterns to work with.

Next up, an art smock for Kindergarten-bound Elliot for school (it’s on his school supply list, I better get cracking).

Brotherly Love

Peter’s brother is great. I love him like my own, or at least I think I do since I personally do not have brothers of my own. Anyway, I think he’s swell.

Joshua and his lovely girlfriend (who I am also crazy about, hi Kathleen!) visited us in early July. While attending a festival, I tell Peter & Joshua “look like you like one another” and this is all the better I got.

Self Portrait

Elliot took this picture while we were out camping with Peter’s parents.

I wish I knew what he was looking at.

Comfortable With His Masculinity

It was so sunny at the wedding this weekend that even Elliot knew he needed a hat. The only one available was a pink check bucket hat. He wore it well.

Conquering Fear

Audrey was a flower girl in a beautiful outdoor wedding this weekend. At the rehearsal she completely froze. On the way home, we talked about what kept her from practicing. She said she was scared. I was surprised by this, fear wasn’t an emotion I was expecting her to articulate about this. She said that maybe she should put Green Kitty in the basket so she wouldn’t scared. I was very proud of her for being able to identify what was wrong and come up with a reasonable solution.

Green Kitty, and Audrey, did great in the wedding.

Mi Familia

Ahoy Matey!

Two weeks ago the kids were invited to a pirate themed birthday party. Amy and I got together the day before to lunch and sew. We knocked out two pairs of shorts, two skirts and two shirts in a few hours. Without tears and I only had to rip out a few seams.

I would show you her kids too but I managed to lose pictures when copying them to the NAS. I’m bummed. I had all sorts of cute kid pictures. I suppose it’s a little like theĀ  olden days when a roll of film would get lost.


Anyway, here’s Elliot in his HAND MADE pirate outfit. He’ll be wearing the pants/shorts for years to come. The shirt is embellished with an iron-on. Audrey (not pictured) didn’t want to be a pirate, so I convinced her to be a pirate princess. She wore a tightly fitted (read: too small) tank made of pink pirate themed material, a pink tutu and a hot pink bandanna on her head. The tutu was made on a ribbon and is wrap-around, it’ll provide lots of dress-up fun for some time.

In conclusion: Amy and I rock the sewing machine. Checkout her other projects.

Ladies In Waiting

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