Santa Fe: The Awkward Family Photo Edition

All I want is a picture of my family with everyone facing the same direction and appearing normal. Is that too much to ask?

Brotherly Love

Peter’s brother is great. I love him like my own, or at least I think I do since I personally do not have brothers of my own. Anyway, I think he’s swell.

Joshua and his lovely girlfriend (who I am also crazy about, hi Kathleen!) visited us in early July. While attending a festival, I tell Peter & Joshua “look like you like one another” and this is all the better I got.

Haiku Arrrrrrrrrrr

happy birthday, arrrrrrrrrrrr!
th’ father o’ me children
the love o’ me life

It’s a triple threat Friday: Peter’s birthday, Haiku Friday and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Go, celebrate!

Almost Famous

The company Peter works for took their product loud live on July 1. That night he gave a presentation to the Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup about it. Looking through the pictures, we’ve concluded that his nervous social tic is smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

Better than openly, proudly picking his belly-button like his off-spring is apt to do.

I’m Just a Fan Girl

Peter has a new job. Now he’s a minifig. Not really, he’s Systems Architect. While I was googling his new opportunity I read the founder’s blog.

And saw a picture of him (the founder) dancing. And all I could say was, “OH MY GAWD!! LOOK, do you KNOW WHO THAT IS? Your boss is in a picture with Jon & Heather! Does HE KNOW THEM?” Granted, SXSW is a big thing and there are lots of people in lots of other people’s pictures. But, OH MY GAWD – my husband works for someone that was photographed with the most famous blogger EVER.

Fetch me some smelling salts will ya?

2006, a hyperlinked recap

A lot happened in 2006. Peter got a new job. And then another new job. We sold our orange house and bought a new one. I chopped off my hair and got a new job. Elliot learned to peddle a bike and played soccer. Audrey learned to sit, stand, crawl and walk! Audrey had a birthday party and a few weeks later, Elliot had one too. Family (Joshua, mom & dad, Joshua) came to visit us. We visited Colorado Springs, Portland and Mobile.

Lots of friends moved: the Weddles, the Smeets and Morgan & Amy took their kids to NJ. We miss you all. Don’t worry, we have friends that stayed in Colorado too.

And, we got a trampoline.

A good year, all in all. Here’s looking forward to 2007!