Interview with Kelly O.

For me, BlogHer became an introspective exercise. What did I want to get out of baring my soul? Why should you all care what I have to say? I decided it is about building relationships & communities. Like having a foreign pen-pal back in the day. You all are my pen pals. We can have as many or as few as we like because we broadcast ourselves.

In order to build bigger, stronger communities we have to do some outreach. Also, I’m inspired by NPR’s StoryCorps. Our communities are transient. One of the few things that seems to stay some-what consistent are our URLs, our blogs. We’re leaving behind a record of what it was to be us, today. Not what we remember it to be us 20 years from now. It’s like we’ve had the good sense to take notes for our autobiographies long before we know we’ll have one.

So, with that – I introduce you to my outreach effort: “Pen Pals”. It’s a Q & A with a blogger I read. I haven’t settled on a format, or a set of questions. Hang with me for the first couple while I iron out the wrinkles. Some of my questions are complete rip-offs of those I was asked or that I witnessed at BlogHer ’08.

Kelly has graciously agreed to be my guinea pig inaugural interview. She writes at Hey, ho, KellyGO and THE BUGHOUSE. [Technically I don’t write at The Bughouse. It’s my sister’s blog. I helped her early on with some tech issues, and she’s been lazy about taking me off. It’s been so long that it’ll seem like a statement if I take myself off. Interestingly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought it would be a statement if she took me off herself. And so we languish.)

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