Interview with Melissa

Another installment for PenPals, we’re building a community people!

Melissa is the owner of Taking What is Left and my bloggy friend! She’s quirky (she just watched part of a Mork& Mindy marathon), she recently relented and added a snake to her family (a real snake, not that uncle no one’s heard from) and she’s participating in NaNoWriMo this month. That makes her time here at PinkAsparagus even more precious, she’s got writing obligations! Yet she’s here! It’s like I’ve arrived.


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Interview with Pamela

Pamela has agreed to the intense questioning that is PenPals. Well, more accurately she agreed to play along and I’m happy to have her here! I should warn you though, do not drink coffee while reading this. Well, don’t drink anything. And after you subscribe to her, get in the habit of not reading her while eating or drinking. If you do not heed this warning, you’re taking your life or at least your keyboard into your own hands.

Pamela is having a baby! She also writes amazing posts that get her hate mail. I am jealous of the hate mail. I must be like milk toast. Maybe that’s a New Year’s resolution? Get some hate mail.

Back to Pamela… Pamela these are my followers! Followers this is your fellow follower, Pamela.

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Interview with Nylonthread

Once upon a time I fancied myself a crafter. As Peter would tell you, I am crafty but not so crafty. I love that other people have this creative streak to them. Scrapbookers, quilters, all-around creative types you all get mad props from me. I tried to scrapbook once. Just once.

I’d like everyone to meet one of my crafty friends that lives inside the computer. Nylonthread describes herself as a “not entirely jaded hipster mom”, but she’s so much more than that! Recently, she took her crafty wares to a show. She’s also a talented blogger that has a theme for NaBloPoMo (me? I try to get some rubbish up every day because I am competitive).

Nylonthread has graciously accepted the PenPals challenge (you thought that died with the Palin rants didn’t you? ha! it’s alive and well). Thanks Nylonthread for making my month of posting and my seven readers’ month of reading a little easier.

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Interview with CP

This week’s PenPals participant is CP, she is one of three contributors at 3 Giraffes. I met two of the three giraffes at a BlogHer in July. I thought it was so interesting that they would team blog. Personally, I can’t get along with anyone long enough to share squat with them. Remember when Peter kicked me off his domain because I was jacking up his stats? Don’t try to attribute it to my being an only-child either. That surely cannot be it.

Anyway, back to CP. We met. We talked. We talked about my skirt. And then some time went by and there was an inbound link in my admin panel thingy (yes, that’s the official WordPress name for that – did you not read the manual?). Anyway, I generally freak out when I see inbound links. WHY are people linking to me? So, I clicked. And there was reference to an outburst that I had at BlogHer (long story short, I am an ultimate fangirl, if I meet you in public you might be a little scared) and they figured out that it was me. Me me of Pink Asparagus me. But they spun my crazy as delightful and now we’re all BFF.

So, you should also give mad props to someone that can find me “so nice, so funny and so gracious.”

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Interview with Wreke

I took last Thursday off, sorry that I didn’t tell you ahead of time. I just didn’t feel I had anything intelligent or meaningful to add to a meaningful day.

But we’re all back now. Back to building our online communities. Back to learning more about our most favoritist bloggers. For those of you new to Pink Asparagus, Thursday is interview day where we go beyond the “About Me” found on all our pages. It’s no Campbell Brown Interview though. So, if you’d like to participate (and really, who wouldn’t? email me and I’ll hook you up).

Today we’re getting to know the woman behind wrekehavoc. Wreke and I connected over Community Identity

a new family moved in to my neighborhood last year. we’ve befriended them, and a funny thing has happened: when i’m running late because of my medical treatments, she gets my kids and hangs onto them til i get home. when she’s running late at work, i take her kids. we took care of their hamsters while they were out of town. it’s the most wonderful thing. some people probably just naturally have this; i never did until last year.

At the time she commented that, I too was forming bounds with my neighbors. And it is the most wonderful thing.

She has Guilty Pleasure Mondays – who doesn’t love music? So, when you’re done here – add her to your feed reader. You’ll be happy you did. Oh, before I forget – she knows Kelly O. IRL, so she has immediate street cred. Also, she’s participating in Blog Action Day, please support her in this.

Wreke, this are my five readers … five readers, this is Wreke.

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Interview with Shauna

edited: added a link to Shauna’s blog, I’m a bad, bad monkey today – sorry!

If this weren’t the Internet I would totally be skeeved out by your stalker tendencies. But since this is a blog, I guess I want you to stalk read me. So, welcome. It’s interview day! Yay. Today’s victim participant is a humor blogger and AUTHOR. And not of a book that she printed off at Kinko’s and made the cover art for each and every one individually. A real live book. And I know it to be true because I have an autographed copy. Neener.

Oh yeah, back to building a community and not teasing.

I met Shauna at BlogHer ’08. She’s a little spitfire of Southern. Well, Texas Southern, not Deep-South Southern. And Ft. Worth at that. So, she’ll tell you to your face and not follow it up with, “bless your heart.” She’s wicked funny and so would have gotten my ass busted in school if we has sat next to each other.

My review of her debut novel, Heaping Spoonful, is here.

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Interview with Grandy

Am I your Thursday morning addiction? Awesome! Welcome back. Repeat business is so much cheaper to get than new. If you’ve just come across Pink Asparagus or you’re here because you’re really a Functional Shmunctional fan (and really? who isn’t), glad to see you. Kick up your feet and stay awhile. You can read the entire interview series here.

Grandy has graciously agreed to participate in my social experiment. Although, when I first approached her she wondered if I was going to ask her to cross the street blind-folded. I am unsure what that says about both of us, maybe it’ll be the basis of a thesis for some psych student.

Recently an Olympic survey meme identified her as a boxer

You are assertive, strong, and downright aggressive. You have the power to demolish your opponent…And you have the endurance to make sure the job is finished.

Which is fitting since she’s pledged to raise awareness about cancer.

Everyone, this is Grandy … Grandy, this is uhm, like four new readers.

Thanks so much for having me, I’m thrilled you invited me!  Can I just say that asparagus has always been one of my favorite vegetables?  And I truly don’t mean that in a suck-up “thank the academy” kind of way either.

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Interview with GP

I’ve known GP since back in the day. We met working for the phone repair center for the department of housing at University of Colorado in lovely Boulder. Back then, university housing provided telephones in each room. The phones had cords that connected the talking bit with the dailing bit. It was crazy. But, to this day I can wire a phone jack. Yeah, that’s a skill that’s often needed.

Anyway, my recollection was that we were fast friends. GP knew EVERYONE. And then he moved to California. And now he’s a hippie. Actually he was always a hippie.

And we’ll leave that at that.

Make the rambling stop please … okay! on to Pink Asparagus’ Pen Pals. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read the series here.

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Interview with Morgan

Morgan is an IRL friend. And, after this, you’re all going to be j to the e to the a l-o-u-s (this is totally something I envision Morgan saying, but he would do it with style, and not white-suburban-mom style) that you don’t know him too. Unless of course you do, in which case, yay you!

Anyway, if you’re new to my Pen Pals collection, welcome. If you’re a repeat visitor, thanks! I love it when you keep coming back. Your check is in the mail. Pen Pals started out of my need to get to know my online community better. And for me to introduce you all to each other. You can read the first installment here and the second here.

Morgan writes Blizzo :: The Morgan Blog.

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Interview with Abbey

Hey, you stuck around for installment two of Pen Pals, how awesome are you? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read the inaugural interview here. You can also choose the tag “penpals” from the cloud or type “interview” in the search box.

Today we’re getting to know Abbey. She writes indulge*laugh*create and contributes to Mad About Martha. I met Abbey at BlogHer ’08. You all should be sad if you did not meet her. She’s cute as a button. And I think maybe I want her to be my long lost sister.

So, without further adieu …

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