Interview with Melissa

Another installment for PenPals, we’re building a community people!

Melissa is the owner of Taking What is Left and my bloggy friend! She’s quirky (she just watched part of a Mork& Mindy marathon), she recently relented and added a snake to her family (a real snake, not that uncle no one’s heard from) and she’s participating in NaNoWriMo this month. That makes her time here at PinkAsparagus even more precious, she’s got writing obligations! Yet she’s here! It’s like I’ve arrived.


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Big, Broken Tree

I’m not sure you can appreciate the size of the tree in this picture. It’s a Live Oak that’s guessed to be more than 100 years old. Peter and I were married under this tree. And then a few years ago it was ravaged by a hurricane (Ivan I think). Joshua and I headed over yesterday to take its picture over and over and over. He was kind enough to let me caress use his camera again. But I didn’t take this particular picture. I asked Peter to post one for me and I would blog about it. He had a 50/50 chance of posting a picture Joshua took.

Black Friday Haiku

Black Friday today
no shopping for me, I’m still
in Alabama

got to see my kids
leaving tomorrow alone
they’ll come home later

another weekend
without kids, without Peter
I will muddle through

Hand Turkey


I made a hand turkey just for you! This really was harder than imagined. My laptop has a little button controller between the G, H and B keys (I think it might could be called a nipple). I held my hand on the screen and then traced it. Then! I used the awesome spray can tool in MS Paint v 5.1 SP 3.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Interview with Pamela

Pamela has agreed to the intense questioning that is PenPals. Well, more accurately she agreed to play along and I’m happy to have her here! I should warn you though, do not drink coffee while reading this. Well, don’t drink anything. And after you subscribe to her, get in the habit of not reading her while eating or drinking. If you do not heed this warning, you’re taking your life or at least your keyboard into your own hands.

Pamela is having a baby! She also writes amazing posts that get her hate mail. I am jealous of the hate mail. I must be like milk toast. Maybe that’s a New Year’s resolution? Get some hate mail.

Back to Pamela… Pamela these are my followers! Followers this is your fellow follower, Pamela.

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School Pictures

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  1. the idea of communal candy bowl of unwrapped candies during flu season icks me out
  2. when sharing pizza with co-workers I need to have the first piece out of the box – do you know where those other hands have been?
  3. using a public restroom hearing a toilet flush, the stall door open and the bathroom door open without the water turning on first icks me out
  4. when I have M&Ms I lay them out, sort them by color, eat one each of the colors where there are an odd number and then eat two at a time by color – brown first
  5. I was told I was named after a street near the hospital I was born in, the nearest I can find is Santa Catherine 2 miles away
  6. I failed my driver’s test the first time I took it, stalled out in an intersection and panicked
  7. I’ve cried at one movie ever, that one with Christian Slater’s monkey heart

Thanks Pamela for the blog fodder. As for seven people to tag, how about if you’re reading this and you need help in the waning days of NaBloPoMo consider yourself tagged.

Hospital Pictures, Really This Time

I know you’ve been on pins and needles.

Hospital Pictures

As it turns out my WordPress still hates me. My admin is far, far away. I thought I could outsmart WordPress and put my pictures on flickr for you and then embed them, but no webby love. No pictures for you today Internets!

Other updates on my terribly interesting life: Peter and the kids left on Wednesday for LA (lower Alabama for all you Yankees). What have I done with all my free time? Worked. School baord meeting. Watched my friend’s kids (wha!? no kids and I babysat? yes, I am nice like that).

Oooh, Pleasantville is on TV – gotta go.

Otitis Media Haiku

wear hospital gown
mommy will be by your side
go to sleep baby

ears will be better
tubes keep ears clear, no fluid
build-up behind drum

Audrey woke up fine
stretched arms, asked for food and juice
did a little dance

not so Elliot
woke up crying and shaking
needed to be held

“Whoa” Elliot said
after flushing the toilet
worried, what went down?

“Mom,” he says to me
“There was junk in my ear. Now
the toilet is loud.”

Phew, no Lego flushed
hearing restored to my son
everyone happy

pictures tomorrow
if my WordPress likes me more
than it does right now

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