A Beautiful Day for a Neighbor

For most of us, our first introduction to a community was either Sesame Street or Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. (Total aside, if your kids are little and like to play on your computer check out the new Sesame Street site. They completely revamped it. It’s all web-appy and not web-sitey. It’s easy to use. And! Not irritating. OH! They’re putting all the music videos on the site. And you can make your own “street” and … well, just go there – it’s well worth it.)

You’ve probably heard, PBS isn’t putting Mr. Rogers in the new lineup. There’s a movement afoot to reverse that decision.

I loved Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. It was a staple in my life. My kids have never seen it. Not for any good reason. I think they watch less television than I did. Or maybe I watched Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street longer and later than they will. Either way, my kids won’t notice. I’m not sure I want Mr. Rogers to stay around, honestly.

Some childhood issues are timeless and Mr. Rogers can always help you through those. I don’t think good ole Fred would have been able to talk about the Internet or having two mommies or sexual predators in the classroom. (I could be wrong, I did no googling to support my blathering on.) Mr. Rogers wouldn’t have street cred with my kids. He’d be right and gentle yet they wouldn’t hear his pearls of wisdom. Even though my kids are luddites, he’s too old-fashioned for their 21st century tastes.

I really did love his show. And I’ve just lost a half hour of my life on youtube watching more. But that’s nostalgia. Let Mr. Rogers rest in peace. And on DVD.

Ooh, the googles did set me a little straight. Fred tried to keep current. But come on, he was an old white guy in a cardigan and Keds. I highly recommend not drinking while watching; I accept no responsibility if you blow coffee out your nose onto your keyboard.

If you need a dose of good Fred Rogers, his goodbye is touching. He said goodbye to us, we should say goodbye to him too. It’s the neighborly thing to do.

What do you think? Do you wish your kids could have their daily dose of the Neighborhood? Or is it time for newer, hipper shows to take its place? Who do you like these days?

PS: We can’t forget Eddie Murphy’s Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood – I guess that’s how you know you’re an American Institution, SNL spoofs you.

If I Tweet and No One Follows Me, Am I a Twit?

I don’t know what Twitter is.

There, I said it.

I mean, I’ve heard of it. And I could maybe BS my way through a conversation about it. Assuming I was talking to the Amish.

I don’t know what Twitter is used for. Would I use my phone for it? Do standard messaging fees apply? What would I say? Who would listen?

KellyGo thinks I should Tweet. She leads a cool kid life and I would like to do that too. But the noise. Oye the noise. Not the noise of my phone (at this point I’m assuming that’s the Twitter device) but the noise in my life.

Would Tweeting bring us closer together or just put more minutia between us? If I Tweet all the interesting bits of my day, what would we talk about over drinks?

When I read something like this, I’m resolved: oh dear NO, I cannot invite that stress into my life. The commitment! Do you see I just signed Elliot up for Karate? How can I fit that AND Twitter into my life?

I know it’s leave-no-man-behind, but you all are going to have to forge ahead on this technology without me. Just don’t roll your eyes when I ask you to tell me about your day even though you already Tweeted about it.

And really, do you do this on your phone?

Also, my resolve is pretty weak – so don’t make too much fun of me when I ask to follow you on Twitter next week.