Brotherly Love

Peter’s brother is great. I love him like my own, or at least I think I do since I personally do not have brothers of my own. Anyway, I think he’s swell.

Joshua and his lovely girlfriend (who I am also crazy about, hi Kathleen!) visited us in early July. While attending a festival, I tell Peter & Joshua “look like you like one another” and this is all the better I got.

Big, Broken Tree

I’m not sure you can appreciate the size of the tree in this picture. It’s a Live Oak that’s guessed to be more than 100 years old. Peter and I were married under this tree. And then a few years ago it was ravaged by a hurricane (Ivan I think). Joshua and I headed over yesterday to take its picture over and over and over. He was kind enough to let me caress use his camera again. But I didn’t take this particular picture. I asked Peter to post one for me and I would blog about it. He had a 50/50 chance of posting a picture Joshua took.

My Preciousssss

Yesterday Joshua was kind enough to come hang out with me in San Francisco. We walked and walked and walked and walked. I totally feel it today. And before you think me an utter wimp, we were out for 8 hours – walking much of it. So, uhm, yeah – my calves are a little sore. Did I mention I was wearing flip flops?

He let me play with his new camera. While it was entrusted to me I decided to try one of the randonly growing blackberries.  I told Joshua that if I suddenly dropped dead that he was not to eat the berries, he said whatever, as long as I handed him the camera on the way down.

All In the Family

My most favorite brother-in-law finally accepted that its 2008 and got a blog. Head on over and see what he’s up to. This summer he’s working at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I think he does something with “lasers”. He’s a physics Ph.D student, who really knows what they do?

He has an amazing view from his lab.

Welcome to the World Wide Web, Joshua. We’ve been waiting for you.

2006, a hyperlinked recap

A lot happened in 2006. Peter got a new job. And then another new job. We sold our orange house and bought a new one. I chopped off my hair and got a new job. Elliot learned to peddle a bike and played soccer. Audrey learned to sit, stand, crawl and walk! Audrey had a birthday party and a few weeks later, Elliot had one too. Family (Joshua, mom & dad, Joshua) came to visit us. We visited Colorado Springs, Portland and Mobile.

Lots of friends moved: the Weddles, the Smeets and Morgan & Amy took their kids to NJ. We miss you all. Don’t worry, we have friends that stayed in Colorado too.

And, we got a trampoline.

A good year, all in all. Here’s looking forward to 2007!