Elliot’s Room

Elliot now lives in a space themed room. He tells me he likes our house, but loves his room. The ceiling and top 18″ of the wall are painted purple (the pictures aren’t completely color accurate), the remaining 6 1/2 feet are orange. Not Bronco Orange, a subdued orange, but orange nonetheless.

Here’s the new light fixture, complete with astronauts.

light fixture

The planets are Wallies and are placed in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, not in their proper order. Also, the sun is not to scale. But they’re pretty.


Audrey thinks this is her play room.


2006, a hyperlinked recap

A lot happened in 2006. Peter got a new job. And then another new job. We sold our orange house and bought a new one. I chopped off my hair and got a new job. Elliot learned to peddle a bike and played soccer. Audrey learned to sit, stand, crawl and walk! Audrey had a birthday party and a few weeks later, Elliot had one too. Family (Joshua, mom & dad, Joshua) came to visit us. We visited Colorado Springs, Portland and Mobile.

Lots of friends moved: the Weddles, the Smeets and Morgan & Amy took their kids to NJ. We miss you all. Don’t worry, we have friends that stayed in Colorado too.

And, we got a trampoline.

A good year, all in all. Here’s looking forward to 2007!


We’re moving tomorrow. At best guess less than 25% of our stuff is packed. This isn’t going to be pretty.

Amy & Morgan are moving to NJ. Morgan got an awesome job there. We’re excited for them and their new adventure, but I’m bummed. And Elliot has no idea that his friend Mason won’t be around much longer.

Robert & Becky are moving too.

Puzzle Floor

We closed on the new house only 72 hours ago and already we’re planning what we’re going to change. I saw this on TV, and Elliot might *need* it in his room.

Under Contract

Our house is officially under contract. The buyer accepted our counter-offer this morning.  Yesterday we were at the inspection of our prospect house and a realtor called saying he was driving folks around and they wanted to see our house.  We weren’t having showing yesterday and said so.  He called back approximately two hours later and said that of all the houses his clients had seen, ours was their favorite based on the flier! (I do assume, however, that they pressed their noses to the front window and walked on the green-belt in the back to see the yard.) I ran home, picked up and they viewed the house a little while later.  They put a full price offer in this morning.  But we’re already under contract.

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