Scrabble Tile Haiku

really no secret
my abiding love of all
cute accessories

I’m not on FaceBook
followed Scrabulous scandal
Hasbro need not stress

Scrabble tiles have use
beyond twenty-eight point words:
squeezy and quartzy

extra Scrabble tiles
hang from clasped ribbon on neck
you can have one too

this one is mine
please choose a different one
so we won’t be twins

Priority Haiku

You remember when
I blogged about my cute kids?
Yeah, I don’t either

Now with no context
you must look at a picture
from two months ago

We both sit on couch
tv off, computers on
send IM, don’t talk

I wonder if all
dual-laptop couples are same?
We can’t be special

Today, a day off
will spend the day in the blue room
not just blog fodder

Made-Up Haiku

Macy’s, you temptress
parade your wares openly
not one bit sheepish

your makeup counter
so shiny and full of hope
this cream removes years

beautiful shadows
many hues for day and night
blue like seventh grade

lipgloss so shiny
it’s a plumper you say, smile
I like name – buxom

buxom in my bag
face done like unemployed clown
many compliments

forced to wonder if
at thirty-four might need more
than just mascara

might benefit from
make-up lessons and products
not found at Target

Handbag Haiku

ode to my handbag
with your soft, supple handles
and pink leather trim

strangers’ eyes follow
wonder where to get her own
ebay, I say – coach!

you are the real deal
and at less than half the price
a fun, jaunty purse

but your cream fabric
is becoming dirty, sad
how do I wash you?

Haiku Friday

Ode to Sunscreen

skin like porcelein
giant hat and sunglasses
not enough, still pink

sunscreen, you need more
lift your arms like an airplane
play for ten minutes

Haiku Friday

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