Haiku Woohoo

a quiet machine
another load is waiting
must move laundry now

Black Friday Haiku

Black Friday today
no shopping for me, I’m still
in Alabama

got to see my kids
leaving tomorrow alone
they’ll come home later

another weekend
without kids, without Peter
I will muddle through

Otitis Media Haiku

wear hospital gown
mommy will be by your side
go to sleep baby

ears will be better
tubes keep ears clear, no fluid
build-up behind drum

Audrey woke up fine
stretched arms, asked for food and juice
did a little dance

not so Elliot
woke up crying and shaking
needed to be held

“Whoa” Elliot said
after flushing the toilet
worried, what went down?

“Mom,” he says to me
“There was junk in my ear. Now
the toilet is loud.”

Phew, no Lego flushed
hearing restored to my son
everyone happy

pictures tomorrow
if my WordPress likes me more
than it does right now

Snow Haiku

hello snow, you’re late
wish I could say I missed you
but we tell no lies

you brought friends this time
I tolerate you alone
hate bitter cold wind

prefer you fluffy
and white on Christmas day, not
dusting the ground now

Haiku Friday

Hi, Haiku Friday
Did you miss me? Oh, don’t cry.
It’s NaBloPoMo

Haiku Arrrrrrrrrrr

happy birthday, arrrrrrrrrrrr!
th’ father o’ me children
the love o’ me life

It’s a triple threat Friday: Peter’s birthday, Haiku Friday and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Go, celebrate!

Empty Haiku

thought provoking words
will not be found here today,
I apologize

be distracted by
Wordle‘s pretty word picture
go make your own, now

Hat tip: What if No One’s Watching.

Veep Haiku

that Palin is a woman
scary politics

working mom, so what
Palin does not speak to me
she is not like me

poor Bristol Palin
like this was not hard enough
whole country watches

maybe if her mom
believed in sex ed, not just
abstinence only

there’d be no baby
no teenage shotgun wedding
they are statistics

judge Sarah Palin
by her actions and her words
not on her gender

check Politifact
for non-partisan review
of candidate’s words

MOMocrats opine
they “rage against the McCain”
read them, they are smart

register to vote
we may not agree, but please
exercise your right

Guest Post Haiku

I’m hanging my hat
at is it 5 o’clock yet?
follow me over

chock full of goodness
hilarity perseveres
abuse her search words

before you go please
leave your words of wisdom for
an expectant mom

however, if you’re
my family through marriage
please don’t go over

really, I beg you
do not read me at Shauna’s
thanks! love, Catherine

The Great Gatsby Haiku

F. Scott Fitzgerald
named after Francis Scott Key
a great novelist

wrote a famous book
maybe you have heard of it?
it’s The Great Gatsby

writing book review
in form of a good haiku
proves harder than thought

Nick moves to West Egg
a neighbor of Jay Gatsby
no one knows him well

Jay has grand parties
Nick dutifully attends
Jay befriends Nick fast

Daisy is Nick’s kin
lives in East Egg with husband
husband has girlfriend

Tom, Daisy’s husband
visits girlfriend, brings Nick with
Nick does not like Tom

Jay loves Daisy much
always has but he was poor
left for war – good bye

Daisy was lonely
Tom was convenient to date
then they were married

Jay returns from war
Daisy is on honeymoon
sad Gatsby leaves town

fast forward five years
Gatsby wants to see Daisy
Nick is middle man

Tom diddles Myrtle
Gatsby wants to screw Daisy
Nick and Jordan fight

Daisy kills Myrtle
Tom is distraught, blames Gatsby
Daisy does not tell

Wilson has a gun
avenge wife’s murder by car
Gatsby is shot dead

no one comes to house
will not attend funeral
he’s buried alone

Tom and Daisy move
no forwarding address left
they are bad people

Jordan gets engaged
Nick Carraway turns thirty
not in that order

so often called the
great American novel
it was fine, the end

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