Halibut Ceviche

Our neighbor vacationed in Alaska a few weeks back and caught a 113 pound halibut. We were lucky enough to have been gifted some of the fish.

It was sliced too thin for grilling. So, I decided to make ceviche. Gary introduced us to this delectable treat years ago. Each time we make it we think, we should do this more often – it’s so easy! If you’ve never had ceviche and you like fish I highly recommend it. The fish is not raw. It is “cooked” by the acid in the limes. You don’t have to be a sushi lover to appreciate ceviche.

Because I have a full day and wanted to be able to take the ceviche to the pool tonight for dinner, I took some short cuts.

I sliced a pound of fish into approximately 1″ squares and covered with the juice of four limes in a glass dish (all Internet recommendations are glass or stainless). Choose limes that aren’t too juicy, they’ll be more watery and less acidic affecting the curing of the fish. That concoction was refrigerated for just over an hour. Last night I found recipes ranging from 15 minutes at room temperature to 8 hours in the refrigerator. Your mileage will vary based on type of fish, quality of fish and your preference for “doneness”. I drained the fish and then poured a chunky peach mango salsa over the top (that’s the short cut part, there are as many variations on ceviche as there are sangria).

We’ll nosh on this at the pool this evening with tortilla chips.

Total time prep time: < 15 minutes
Total time: approximately 1 hr, 15 minutes
Difficulty: uhm, none
Kid friendly? Maybe, since it’s in salsa

Wipe the drool from your keyboard.

Chocolate Mint

When we were young and in love we lived in an apartment and planted a teeny tiny container herb garden. When we moved to our first house I dutifully transferred each herb from the pot into our new garden. Nearly everything did well. We had a prolific rosemary plant until the house painters trampled it. But one thing we could never kill? The mint. It started out at a $1.79 plant and grew to take over the world. Fortunately it was in a bed that was concrete on three sides and the fourth side was the underneath of the porch, so I didn’t much care about spreading there. Peter would often weed whack the plant to keep it tidy. I would trim it back for my mint julep fix. We didn’t regret its placement, but we knew were lucky it didn’t creep across the sidewalk and choke out the lawn.

New house means new mint. This time around I bought chocolate mint. And put it in a pot. Good thing I did. Less than a month later and it’s filled the pot. Also, if I hadn’t? I might have incurred the wrath of the blogosphere like smart, pretty Mir did.

What does one do with chocolate mint? Chocolate mint juleps? Chocolate mojitos? What?

Pumpkin Muffins

Ingredients for chocolate pumpkin muffins:

Mix pumpkin (not pie mix) with cake mix. The mix will look a little dry, it’s not. Follow baking instructions on cake mix box. Your muffins will not have smooth tops. Or at least mine didn’t. While lumpy on top they were smooth and moist on the inside. I would have taken a picture of them but didn’t want to risk having my hand bitten by ravenous children.

Chili Cook-Off

Hey! I’m in a chili cook-off, because there are t-shirts! There are two categories: “regular” (red with or without beans) and “other.” Other can be chicken or green or anything not red. I was thinking pork green chili with pork ribs instead of cubes. How could ribs not push me into the winner’s circle? But then I remembered that I haven’t made green chili in years. No matter, that didn’t keep me from talking smack. Anyway, I have a crockpot. And the competition is noon on Friday. So, help a sister out and tell me your favorite recipes. I’m open to anything that’s tasty and crockpotable. I’ll remember to thank you in my winner’s speech.

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