Veep Haiku

that Palin is a woman
scary politics

working mom, so what
Palin does not speak to me
she is not like me

poor Bristol Palin
like this was not hard enough
whole country watches

maybe if her mom
believed in sex ed, not just
abstinence only

there’d be no baby
no teenage shotgun wedding
they are statistics

judge Sarah Palin
by her actions and her words
not on her gender

check Politifact
for non-partisan review
of candidate’s words

MOMocrats opine
they “rage against the McCain”
read them, they are smart

register to vote
we may not agree, but please
exercise your right

Jack and the Large Mango

Last night I started reading James and the Giant Peach to Elliot. While he was gloating to his sister that he gets a big-kid book read every night he called it Jack and the Large … Mango. Toe May Toe, Toe Mah Toe – I suppose.

On other fronts: Palin. What the hell? Was she vetted? Did no one else want the job? I hate to find joy in other people’s misery, but – good job McCain! Awesome choice. For a campaign that mocked the celebrity of Obama I find it deliciously rich that Palin is on gawker.

Go read MOMocrats, they’ll keep you informed. With real information, not the rantings of a woman reading Jack and the Large Mango.

Hat tip: It’s Always Darkest Before I Open My Eyes for the video

Real Fears

I worry. I am a worrier. It is my hobby. If it were an Olympic sport I would dominate. I worry in my own head. I worry out loud.

I worry about a third Bush Term. And it’s not my garden-variety worry. It’s real anxiety, panic-inducing worry.

Hat tip: MOMocrats

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