Color Me Confused

I really want to paint Audrey’s room this week. The paint sample has been in the garage for weeks. We finally put it on the wall this weekend. And now. Now, I’m not so sure. It looked a little too bright. Or neon. Or garish. Hard to say. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love color. But there is something about this green that’s unsettling. Maybe. Yesterday I drug the kids to Lowe’s to look for a new color. I left with three more samples. None of them green. And now that two of them are on the walls, maybe I like the green? The third sample didn’t make it to the wall test because it looks a lot like the orange on Elliot’s wall. We are under strict instruction from him that his sister’s room cannot be orange like his. And since I want to paint our room orange, I can see his argument. Too much orange upstairs.

Here’s a flikr set of the colors on the walls in a variety of light and flashes and angles. What do you think?


I sorta like all three colors together. Maybe I can paint a grid and fill it with all the colors? And be done with her room sometime when she’s in high school…

Elliot’s Room

Elliot now lives in a space themed room. He tells me he likes our house, but loves his room. The ceiling and top 18″ of the wall are painted purple (the pictures aren’t completely color accurate), the remaining 6 1/2 feet are orange. Not Bronco Orange, a subdued orange, but orange nonetheless.

Here’s the new light fixture, complete with astronauts.

light fixture

The planets are Wallies and are placed in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, not in their proper order. Also, the sun is not to scale. But they’re pretty.


Audrey thinks this is her play room.


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