High Five

Somehow, in a blink of an eye Elliot went from this to this:

An honest-to-goodness birthday tribute will come soonish, pinky swear.

Haiku Arrrrrrrrrrr

happy birthday, arrrrrrrrrrrr!
th’ father o’ me children
the love o’ me life

It’s a triple threat Friday: Peter’s birthday, Haiku Friday and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Go, celebrate!

Birthday Party Palooza

This weekend we hosted Elliot and Audrey’s birthday party at a near-by park. A bakery made the cake, Extreme Pizza delivered dinner – I had to work hard ya’ll.

This year we made two monumental changes to the birthday party tradition: no gifts and a joint party.

At first Elliot balked. He knows the story on birthday parties. What was I doing messing with decades of tradition? But he took it in stride. Saturday morning he and I were talking about the party and how much fun it would be, even though we weren’t having presents. He said, “it’ll be fun just to get together – to play with my friends.” Clearly all this parenting IS paying off.

We had a LEGO themed party because it is easy (see earlier statement about all my hard work). We had primary colored balloons, primary colored paper products and this beauty, it was marble with chocolate creme filling:

We’ll be eating cake for the next month because I didn’t take into account the cupcakes on top of the cake that would also be eaten. Today we have three squares left without the nubs. There was ice cream but it didn’t fare so well in the cooler.

Elliot says his favorite parts of the party, listed in order of importance

  1. cake
  2. soda
  3. playing with his friends
  4. pizza

Overall, we think the party was a smashing succes. There were 16 adults, 15 children and 1 dog. We managed the entire evening without a melt-down, a trip to the ER or running out of beer. I’m not sure you can ask for more than that.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Today Audrey turns three. She’s a big girl and I want to cry. At least when Elliot turned three I still had a baby to snuggle. And now? Now there are no babies in this house.

When both kids were babies I took their pictures with the same bear on their monthly birthdays. After they turned one, I stopped except on their birthdays. It was a fun way to measure their growth.

Audrey at 1 month, one year and two years

Audrey is a good, funny kid. Sassy as all get out. She has a cute little personality (although I think she knows this and might be tempted to use her power for evil, not good). Most nights she hugs me so tight and says that she’s going to keep me all night. A better parent than I might think it’s a stalling technique, I think it’s pure love.

I wish I was more eloquent, then I could say something more than: she’s good! she’s smart! she’s potty-trained! she’s mine! But, alas, I am not. So there.

Her favorite gift? The red-headed Cabbage Patch baby that Grandma & Grandpa sent. I had, for a brief moment, considered giving her mine since she already has my Strawberry Shortcake dolls (not the poseable dolls – are you insane? those are mine choking hazards). I just couldn’t do it. She had to get her own.

Tree Envy

This year we cut down our own Christmas near Buffalo Creek with a permit from USDA Forest Service. It’s part of their tree clearing program. Buffalo Creek is infamous as the site of a major fire and flood in 1996. The burn area is immense, and if you’re not expecting it, shocking when you round the corner.

Our tree, before being cut down. And yes, those are normal sized children.

Peter & Elliot dragging our tree toward our car. A little gnome is following them.

Elliot hanging ornaments on the tree.

The tree, after having some of the bottom cut off, is 14 1/2 feet tall!

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