I <3 Moo

my moo cards, in preparation for BlogHer

Now all I need is an eyebrow wax. If I run out of time I’ll resort to eau de cashew like the Planter’s Unibrow girl.

It’s Official

Tickets are purchased, room is booked, parties are RSVP’d.


If you’re going too and would like to meet & greet send me an email and we’ll set something up. I’m flying in Thursday morning to hang with the very smart BIL (who is still blog-less) and am staying at the Hostel.

Inspired or Intimidated?

Maybe time to put on my big girl pants.

Years ago a friend was talking to me about a group of people starting a consulting firm, and I replied, “I have nothing to bring to the table.” He argued, I countered.

Last summer when I decided to go back to work I told a friend, a former co-worker and HR director that I needed to get past that point where I was so giddy that someone would hire me that I would take anything. I think my words to her were, “oh, you like me? You really want to give me a job? Okay! I’ll take it. What’s that? You want me to shovel horse shit? For $2 an hour? OKAY! As long as you really like me.” She tried to talk sense into me. That any corporation would be lucky to have me.

I thought feelings of inadequacy were supposed to be left in high school?

And now Blogher. It looks fantastic. I’m such a fan girl too. As Peter said, “it’s where your peeps are.” (side note: who says “peeps” these days?) Yet …

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