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A Little Maniacal

There’s no point to this picture, except that it’s funny

And this one is just plain sweet

How many more years will they allow me to dress them in coordinating outfits?


outside of my left calf

The top is the Chinese zodiac for ram/goat/sheep which is the year Elliot was born and the bottom is rooster, for Audrey.

Weekend Getaway

Since school was closed on Monday to reflect on the birth of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, we took the three day weekend opportunity and headed to the mountains.

I do not like to drive in the snow.

I do not like to drive in the snow when visibility is < 10 feet.

Luckily that was only a little bit of the trip up. We went to Glenwood Springs to sit in the mineral filled, spring heated, outdoor pool.

We stayed in the very old, very beautiful Hotel Colorado.

The Hotel Colorado is supposedly the birthplace of the Teddy Bear. The hotel’s lobby was huge and inviting, it was the sort of lobby that guests are supposed to lounge in. We played a lot of Uno there.

On Monday, Peter drove back to Denver to go to work. The kids and I took the train home, ending at Denver’s Union Station.

I remembered to bring all sorts of things … but not a charged battery for my camera. I bought disposable but haven’t had them developed yet. Maybe there’s a good picture our two in there. Other than that glitch it was a glorious weekend. We just hung out together. No doing chores, no running errands. The kids were great on the train, they even took a nap!

A Little Punk

Nothing says punk like tulle and denim.

Give Me an E

Here’s Elliot rocking his new hooded towel to take to the pool this summer. It’s a pretty simple project if you have a sewing machine. I used one bath size towel and one hand towel (for the hood). The ‘E’ is cut from a wash cloth. Given that it’s nearly dragging the floor now, I plan for him to get a few years wear out of it.

Some finer details: I used monofiliment thread on a zigzag width 3 length 1, this results in using lots of thread. The towels are Target clearance (I actually bought them last year and just never got around to making it). The hood is the hand towl folded in half and sewn up the back (after some guesstimate trimming for approximate head size). It results it a pointed hat whcih I thought was fine but caused Elliot to pull the hood to far forward, so I flattened out the top (yeah, that makes *total* sense).

The ‘E’ is totally free-hand. I know, you can hardly believe it right?

Audrey’s is coming soon.

They Clean Up Well

Practicing for their own rendition of American Gothic.

Told that if they didn’t act like they liked eachother there’d be no desert.

Web 2.0 in a Family Crisis

In the wee hours of Friday morning my cousin was in a car accident 1,000 miles from where I live. By that evening I had an email telling me about it. The next day I talked to family and offered the only thing I could: build a website for family to post updates so that my aunt didn’t have to tell the same story over and over and over.

Saturday night I shopped for domains while chatting with another cousin through FB. That same day a friend posted on my cousin’s FB wall that she had been in an accident.

Sunday we bought a domain and Peter brought up another WordPress instance. I created new email accounts for the editor accounts I needed. I wanted all the email to forward back to me, not my aunt. Some because she didn’t need the additional spam, some because she’s not blog savvy and I knew I was signing up to admin the site and some because I’m trying to protect my cousin’s anonymity to some degree, having generic emails on the site supports that goal.

By Sunday night an aunt was posting.

Monday morning I put a link to the site on Mary’s FB wall.

Monday afternoon another aunt decided a PayPal donate button is needed. All I have to do is go to PayPal’s site plug in some information and all the HTML will be generated for me. I’ll paste that HTML into a widget text box and voila, a donate button linked to an account at a financial institution that I’ve never been to.

Comments have started to come in. The blog has been up for 36 hours and word has spread.

We plan to extend the site to include a google calendar that will track all the people that want to bring food and offer help to the family; that’ll be maintained by a family friend.

My aunts can post updates without my intervention and without having to know how it works. The calendar can change and the site will stay up-to-date. People who want to help, want to do something now, can donate on the site.

No one has to be a web developer (I chose a WP theme that supports widgets). All of this is possible because of the interoperability of the web components. I don’t know how to write a shopping cart, or a calendar control, I don’t even have to know HTML, CSS or PHP. Yet we have a password-protected blog up and running with an easy to remember domain that will be the central point for Mary’s updates. It was mostly free too. We bought a domain and that’s it.

In ye olde days, how long would that have taken? It would have been a major time-consuming, expensive project by knowledgable, web-savvy people.

We would have resorted to a phone tree.

People Don’t Suck As Much As I Thought

From what I can gather two heroic good Samaritans helped save my cousin’s life. I am not an official source, but she was in the breakdown lane looking under the hood of her car (she’s a mechanic, so this make sense). And another car, presumably going highway speeds, hit her car forcing her own car to run her over. A nearby Sheriff’s Deputy and two people that happened to be driving by flipped her car on its side to free her.

They didn’t have to stop, it was 3:30 in the morning on a Friday.

To whomever you are, thank you for making a choice to get involved. Thank you for not leaving it to someone else.

Humanity might win out after all.

Little Boy Blue

Turns out turning five is tough. On me, that is. He’s all “I’m taller” and “I’ll go to kindergarten next year” and “this is the present I’ve always wanted.” And I’m dying a little bit inside.

(l-r, top-bottom: two days old, jaundiced and pea head still didn’t fill the hat; 1 yr old wagon ride – he could walk by then, but why?; 2 yrs old – leaf collecting, probably still pissed that his sister was born; 3 yrs old – on ‘cation in CO Springs; 4 yrs old – delayed birthday party because he woke up puking on his actual birthday; almost 5 yrs old – joint party with sister that he now loves)

If five is like this for me let’s not imagine what his first day of school will be like. Or his first date. Gah. My baby cannot grow up. I don’t want to hear about how it’s our job to raise them well, blah, blah, BLAH. He’s a kid. I am a mother to kids.

And I miss my babies.

Does this get easier?

Maybe Peter wrote something poignant.

PS: Yes, his eyes are really *that* blue. Do not show his picture to your daughters. He’s already betrothed.

High Five

Somehow, in a blink of an eye Elliot went from this to this:

An honest-to-goodness birthday tribute will come soonish, pinky swear.

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