Grand Canyon

I had never seen the Grand Canyon before. I had seen pictures, I understood conceptually that it’s big. But seeing it in person is … well, it made me speechless. Sometimes the colors of the canyon walls made me think they were a painted back drop because they were just too perfect. Like that movie where the kid gets out of the tour bus in Egypt, runs up to the pyramids and one of them deflates. Maybe the backdrop would fall down and we’d all see the suburbs back there. But alas, it is rock and canyon walls for as far as the eye can see.

We had the good fortune to ride the shuttle to the west end and then then next morning drive out through the east entrance aka Desert View. It was as spectacular and glorious as you would expect. And not stifling hot as I expected.

(taken at Pima Point)

(taken at Bright Angel trail head)

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  1. Lanna, 16. July 2010, 5:37

    Nothing like a ginormously awesome bit of nature to rub in how insignificant we are. A good lesson for the kids.

  2. Beth Partin, 22. July 2010, 21:12

    It is overwhelming. When Todd and I were doing our tour of ruins in the Southwest a few years ago, I found I preferred Canyon de Chelly.
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