Kill Kansir

On the 100th day of Kindergarten the class was instructed to draw a picture of what they’ll look like when they’re 100 years old. They also needed to write a sentence about it. This is Elliot’s, notice how he crossed out “100″ and wrote “37″ – maybe they are equally obtuse for a six year old mind?

In case you need translation

I will be looking for germs strong enough to kill cancer. I will do this job from 37-100.

I am equally impressed and horrified at the prospects of the life he’s chosen. The student loans alone are enough to make me weep. Also, all the politicking around science? It’s a miracle anyone wants to do research anymore. But this is what we need: kids who don’t know that they can’t suceed on something like curing cancer. It’ll be a fantastic day when there’s a cure, even if my son isn’t the one to find it.

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  1. Kelly O, 18. February 2010, 10:03

    OMG, this is so cute I almost died.
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  2. Beth Partin, 23. February 2010, 16:17

    Thanks for the translation. I love the mean blue cancer-killing eyebrows on the guy. That’s classic.
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