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My friend Tammy and I have decided to stretch ourselves artistically: we’ve started a team photo blog. It started with this post and after some hemming, hawwing, direction changing and good ole fashioned procrastination we have it up! And there are posts posted!!

We chose “Two Sides to Every Story” because our original idea was to have a post theme and have our two takes on it. Tammy generated 25 random words for us to use. That proved too hard for the newly initiated photo bloggers, so we’re going with things that are interesting to us in some way. My goal is not to focus on family pictures, you can get enough of that here. I also hope to learn to use my camera better, enough to warrant a new lens in 2010.

Two Sides to Every Story

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  1. Beth Partin, 19. January 2010, 23:14

    Very cool. I liked the icicle photo. Did you install a photo widget?
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