A little something to tide you over while I get my house back in order, both literally and figuratively. Speaking of being tide-over: Audrey has lots of idiomatic phrases she uses correctly (for example, “I’m pulling your leg.”) and just as many where she misses the mark. When asking for a snack it’s not uncommon for her to ask for a little something to “tied me up” until lunch. I don’t correct her.

This is Audrey is her Halloween costume: a Goodwill bargain at just $6!

2 smart people left their mark:

  1. Becky, 15. November 2009, 13:23

    A beautiful princess with a sense of humor. Whether she knows it or not :)

  2. pamela, 15. November 2009, 14:02

    i love when short people get their phrases a little wonky, and i don’t correct, either… we only correct grammar. i also love it when they use them correctly.