Bean Bag Instructions

To make 9 triangle solid shaped bean bags you will need the following:

  • 3C uncooked pinto beans
  • 6 ounces lemonade
  • 2 ounces sweet tea vodka
  • fabric remnant
  • a sewing machine

Ask someone else to cut the fabric remnant into 36 equilateral triangles. While they are doing that, pour 6 oz lemonade and 2 oz vodka into a ice filled glass. Take a drink. Check the progress of the person cutting the triangles. Finish your drink and go to bed.

Wake up the next morning refreshed!

Sew triangles together forming a pyramid shape, leaving one side open. Find a willing preschooler to turn the fabric right side out and fill with 1/3 C uncooked pinto beans. Help her pick the beans up off the floor. Sew the bags shut, you will have one seam on the outside. It’s okay. The kids at the party aren’t going to critique your sewing skills and if they do, trip them during the three-legged race.

7 smart people left their mark:

  1. Halimah, 25. September 2009, 11:25

    God in Heaven ~ what is sweet tea vodka? I think I need some.

    Just remember, the crafty phase will go away as the progeny age. Of course then you have the tween phases which consist of email accounts, iTunes purchases, and making them thow out 12 years of crafts that have fallen apart years ago.

  2. Lanna, 25. September 2009, 12:29

    You are so funny! :-)

    I think I tried making square bean bags before (years & years ago), but with a sewing machine. It made my brain hurt to try to figure out all the angles to sew the different sides at, especially inside-out.

    Did you use a machine, or sew by hand?

  3. Kelly O, 25. September 2009, 13:22

    You’re adorable. I may try this! Only not with vodka. Vodka makes me mean.

  4. Tammy, 25. September 2009, 14:50

    you’re funny and your commenters are just as funny! That’s why I love Pink Asp. :)

  5. pamela, 25. September 2009, 19:42

    Vodka makes my stomach mean to me. It makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.
    And truly, this is the WAYBEST craft tutorial ever.

  6. melissaz, 26. September 2009, 9:51

    Hmmm…have to remember that one. Although I’m more of a tequila girl myself…

  7. Beth Partin, 30. September 2009, 21:44

    Trip them! You are so brutal. :-)