Shirt Dress

Months ago I saw a post about how to turn a men’s dress shirt into a shirt dress for a kid. I thought, I can do that! And then a few months passed and I saw another where she claims it to be easy! I can definitely do it if it’s easy.

My crafty partner in crime brought her machine over for another episode of “Seamstresses that Drink”. We liberally applied vodka and our own interpretation of the instructions. I had to add lace to my creation to hide the fact I can’t sew a straight line. In the end however, I am pleased with how it turned out. In all I spent less than $6 (since I already had the shirt) – that’s $1.99 for lace, $2.39 for thread and $1.00 for buttons.

Back detail – daisy button attaching the strap to the dress

Front detail – the front of the dress is the back of the shirt (the buttons run up the back of the dress)

Back with buttons (in real! button holes). You can still see the tag in the dress from its first life.

It’s difficult to see, but the same brown trim is on the straps and the bottom of the dress. I did a zigzag on the hem – I thought it went with the lines on the fabric a little better.

The dress is a little big around Audrey’s torso, but will be fine with a t-shirt under it. I used the buttons on the straps so I can let out the length as needed.

Overall, I am pleased (like I said) and will probably attempt this again. I like the idea of reusing old shirts, it’s definitely cheaper than fabric. Also, I would suspect that with some searching you could find some pretty interesting patterns to work with.

Next up, an art smock for Kindergarten-bound Elliot for school (it’s on his school supply list, I better get cracking).

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  1. Amy, 11. August 2009, 8:10

    Sure, show me up. Just because I can’t drink and sew as well as you. I will have to attempt to finish mine sober. You did at great job. I like the lace on the sleaves.

  2. Kelly O, 11. August 2009, 12:57


  3. Tammy, 12. August 2009, 6:54

    That is soooo cool! I bet Peter wonders where his shirt went.

  4. Tracie, 12. August 2009, 17:57

    That is soooo cute! When I have a baby I’ll remember that you can design baby clothes.

  5. Lanna, 13. August 2009, 7:24

    Gorgeous! Can I set up a branch of “seamstresses that drink” here in DC? I *also* love that you reused fabric. Please post pics of Audrey in it immediately. Is the art smock going to be made out of Peter’s old shirt fabric, too?

    I don’t know if you saw a project I did with an adorable old dress of Rosie’s (size 2T I think)—I just couldn’t bring myself to give away the dress, so I made her a pillow out of it so we could keep it forever. Or at least until it gets threadbare in pillow form!

  6. Abbey, 13. August 2009, 8:39

    I found an article this morning that made me think of you and your shirt dress… Now you can make one for yourself, too! :)

  7. Catherine, 13. August 2009, 9:11


    Please start up a local Seamstresses that Drink! I think crafting is way more fun in groups. The pillow is so cute! As for the art smock, more specific information came out – it has to be denim and I don’t think it’ll belong to just Elliot. So, I’ll do the minimum required and move on.

    Abbey – I don’t sew for myself. Except curtains. And those are more for the house than me proper :)

  8. Halimah, 14. August 2009, 7:03

    “Seamstresses theat Drink”. Love it!

    For a split second I thought about rummaging through the S.O’s closet for a shirt…then I remembered I have a son, not a!.