Is It a Fad?

These numbers are staggering, but I am not surprised. Except that the fastest growing segment on FB is 55-65 year old women. My mom is on FB and she’s in that demographic, but I thought she was an anomaly. Clearly not.

Might FB might be the killer app? How would your life change if FB went dark tomorrow? Would you pay for it if it became a subscription service? And remember who your friends are, or you might end up like these folks.

h/t Uppercase Woman via FB
h/t KellyGo via shared items

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  1. Lynn, 28. August 2009, 10:59

    I would not pay for it. I’ve found FB has thrust me back into a world I don’t like. I find that ignorance is bliss and FB has made me less ignorant. My news feed has more than half of my friends tagged as “See less of.”

  2. pamela ~ the dayton time, 28. August 2009, 11:50

    I am not so much fan of effbook. the only part i like is the status area, and i can get that on twitter, where i can also say what i’m actually thinking because my mother is not on twitter. She is on the effbook, and she is stalking my friends and that is bonkers.

  3. Abbey, 14. September 2009, 21:40

    Okay, I’m in the middle of watching this vid, but I had to stop and say I love technology, but I’ve been avoiding Facebook like the Plague! I joined MySpace back in its hayday, but I rarely did anything with it. And then I lost interest when I was finished planning my hs reunion.

    I refuse to join FB. Refuse. My mom has joined… Oh Good Lord! I will not be broken!!! :)