Bake Me a Cupcake

Tomorrow is Audrey’s Fancy Nancy inspired 4th birthday party; we’ve each invited four friends over for a fancy lunch. Today I helped Audrey make cupcakes for her party. She was able to put the ingredients into the mixer and stand watch as it worked (my camera decided the mixer was the interesting thing, not the kid -  I need to work on controlling it better).

She was able to put the liners into the pan.

One thing I don’t like about making cupcakes & muffins with kids is that it’s tough for them to get the batter into the holes. But today I had an aha! moment and made a modified piping bag for the batter. It worked really well. I think next time I’ll cut the hole a little smaller though. While she doesn’t have the gross motor skills to hold the bag and squeeze it, she was able to control the filling with some help.

The piping bag is not a mess-free solution to this particular problem but it let Audrey help more than she’s been able to in the past. Now I just have to frost five dozen mini-cupcakes.

What do you cook with your kids and how much do they get to do themselves?

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  1. melissaz, 28. August 2009, 14:56

    That’s a great idea! I might use that for myself!

    My kids are doing more and more themselves. Pretty cool. They’ve got scrambled eggs DOWN. Knives still require supervision. My guys are 9 and 11.

  2. Beth Partin, 29. August 2009, 12:04

    Hope the party was fun!

  3. Lynn, 30. August 2009, 21:32

    Happy Birthday to you both!! Miss you!

  4. Kelly O, 31. August 2009, 12:29

    Adorable! I usually let the kids help with anything that doesn’t involve fire. This weekend, Thea helped me stuff dates with cheese and Liam put a spread on crackers. But piping for cupcakes = GENIUS.

  5. GP, 1. September 2009, 14:08

    I cook my kids a can of cat food every morning and some kibble. They are very helpful with both.

  6. Abbey, 14. September 2009, 21:35

    Oh how fun! A Little Family Baking!! Yum…cupcakes. ;)

    PS We have the same mixer! Don’t you LOOOOVE it?