MJ 1958-2009

In March 1988 I and a friend went to a concert. At a major venue. Clearly it was a different time because I can tell you I’m not planning to drop my 14-year old son and his 12-year old sister off at a concert and LEAVE. Yet, we were left there alone. Well, not alone exactly. We were with 20,123 other people. We were all there to see Michael Jackson.

That’s right, I saw the Bad tour. How cool am I?

There were a lot of years I wouldn’t have acknowledged that I even knew who Michael Jackson was. Like 1989-2005. For no particular reason other than Thriller might have been his last good labium. And the child molestation charges. And that weird hanging his kid over the railing incident in Berlin.

No matter his crazy personal life, he did change music forever. A reviewer on NPR, and I’m sure there are others, called him a genius. I’m no a music aficionado, but I do know he had an impact – and not just on a bunch of girls in the 80s. He took us from disco to pop. Even as I was driving, I couldn’t help but sing along. His songs are ingrained in our generation.

He also taught us all to moonwalk. And to wear only one glove.

Now I need to go get some Jackson 5 for the pre-schooler set. Their music history lessons need to begin.

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  1. Lynn, 25. June 2009, 21:28

    Oh Cat! I can’t believe he passed away. I too posted something about this… my lasting memory of this amazing, puzzling human being.

    For without him, we wouldn’t have these amazing dance moves. We wouldn’t have amazing songs (I’m still in love with the one song where the video features Eddie Murphy and Iman). We wouldn’t have Weird Yal Yankovich.

    Lynns last blog post..Beat It. My lasting memory of Michael Jackson.

  2. Rachel C., 27. June 2009, 13:53

    Oh! There you are. My friend with cancer died the next day. And today I found out my old therapist also died. All were vibrant, interesting, with much more to give. I don’t really know how to handle this. A wise person today said to sort of be in it for some period of time, and then one day say “enough” and move forward. She also said to be sure to laugh today, enjoy the sun, enjoy the warm, breathing, beautiful people that we love who are sitting right next to us. I also feel more forgiving of everyone who bugs the shit out of me. Our time here is finite. There is only so much we get to do, so much we get to grow. We ought to give each other a break.

  3. Laura, 30. June 2009, 9:39

    Hmmmm….I really don’t know how I feel about his passing, to be honest. At first I was really upset about it and was in disbelief. I went on FBook and saw that a remote cousin of mine back in Dearborn had made a statement about how sick to her stomach she was that a world full of people were going to mourn a pedophile. This was also the cousin who posted a comment about how Miss California was not getting her full right to free speech, so I took her statement with a grain of salt and a roll of my eyes. But then as I beganto think about it and read more articles about his passing and others that were written beforehand (a really good one is in Vanity Fair by Maureen Orth, 2005) I started to feel like the guy really was a creep and a freak in the true sense of the word. My husband said he was an example of how people can ruin someone. I don’t know how I feel about that either but I do know that I mourn a Michael Jackson that the media sold to us 20 years ago, but I don’t mourn the man that he was in the last 16 years, since 1993 when the allegations of molestation came out because…really….who believes that he didn’t molest those boys?

  4. Beth Partin, 30. June 2009, 10:57

    Does the fact that I went to a Fleetwood Mac concert in 1979 make me as cool as you?

    No, of course it doesn’t.

    I too have mixed feelings about MJ (every time I write that I think of Spiderman). Who doesn’t? There was something deeply strange about him. But I wasn’t watching him dance the other night and said to my husband, “It’s as if he doesn’t have any bones.”

    Beth Partins last blog post..PrideFest Denver

  5. Laura, 13. July 2009, 13:16

    What is up??? It’s July 13th and this is your last blog entry?!?! Don’t you know I’m bored at work???