Me, Over the Years

Somehow it has escaped my noticing that I have aged. I guess I thought that I looked the same as the day Elliot was born (nearly six years ago). Or maybe the same as when Audrey was born (nearly four years ago). I know that doesn’t make any sense. But really? the changes were gradual (maybe?) and constant, so only by looking at pictures can I see the changes.

The picture of me and Elliot is one of a few all taken at the same time. And with a few, I really was taken aback at how young I looked. I mean not like a teenager or anything, but I wouldn’t have guessed that girl was approaching 30.

Also? I am not enjoying the grow-out phase of my hair. I’ve decided that after three years of varying short-short I want my longer hair back. It’s not as graceful a prospect as I had hoped.

Any tips for stylish hair while growing it out? Your favorite headband or product? Or did you just wear really big jewelry to detract from what was going on on the top of your head?

Hmmm, I think I am wearing the same earings in all three pictures. I should branch out a little more often.

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  1. melissaz, 17. June 2009, 3:19

    I’m a big fan of the baseball hat myself. :)

    I remember my grandmother telling me that she always saw a sixteen year old in the mirror. And was always shocked when she caught a surprise glance at herself as an old woman. For her it was all internal.

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  2. Amy, 17. June 2009, 5:32

    I think you look great! We only get better with age! At least that is what I am going to keep telling myself.

  3. Lynn, 17. June 2009, 10:48

    You look so cute with short hair! I personally thought it suited your personality a lot.

    But in that transition you speak of, and I know it well, I find that fabric headbands do well and have recently purchased such from

    Love these.

    I was at Clinique yesterday and realized I’m just not 19 anymore. I really do need to wear makeup to daycare, even though I’m a work at home mom. I actually feel better when I don’t look like I’m 34.

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  4. Leslie, 17. June 2009, 11:56

    I’ve had the same experience! I can’t even pinpoint exactly what it is that makes me look older either. I just do The good news for you is, you look as fabulous as ever.

  5. Halimah, 18. June 2009, 4:56

    You actually appear more rested in the current photo. You probably aren’t ~ what’s your secret? I’ve had long hair forever…I have decided that even as it gets grayer and I creep along the back side of 40 I will not get one of those “mature woman” cuts. It’ll be long and gray and hopefully I won’t look like a crone. Though I haven’t colored it in about 6 months, my “Lily Munster” gray streak in the front is returning. I can’t remember the last like I used makeup besides chapstick and clear brow/lash gel. I still get carded. Maybe I should paint myself before I try to

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  6. Judith, 18. June 2009, 7:47

    Every 4 years I chop off my long hair into an incredibly short pixie. This last grow out was the least painful of all … John (@ Taliesan) cut off all my weirdo layers and flippy out pieces – so it was a single length (but still stylish) as much as possible so the growing out phase was like a bob that just kept getting longer. I went in every 4 weeks and he’d take some length off in some areas to keep it as close to uniform and stylish as possible … once everything his chin level – it was easy peasy – definitely the easiest growing out phase possible.
    I don’t think I’ll go short again … but John did mention that shoulder length is probably best when you’re in your mid-30′s so you still look age appropriate with long hair. I’m a few inches past my shoulders at the moment but now that it’s long, I’m avoiding John. :)

  7. Kelly O, 19. June 2009, 11:55

    I think you look adorable in all the pics.

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