Dog Days of Summer

I work in tech, not high tech, just tech. A small software company to be exact. The smallness of the company allows me to do an amazing thing: I have every Friday off this summer so I can hang out with my kids.

It could have been great.

Instead, I decided to chart a new course in my life. One that requires studying for a test in July and taking a course over at the community college. One that requires finger prints and applications to multiple agencies. A process that won’t come to a close until May 2010 – when they announce the cohorts for that year.

Last night Peter told me that no matter what I cannot quit. He said it’s the same thing he tells the kids when they’re hiking: the most important thing is to keep on going. I’ll keep on keeping on. But good grief – my lazy summer has suddenly become very busy.

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  1. melissaz, 2. June 2009, 8:28

    Sounds exciting! Keep it up and keep us posted!

  2. Anne Z., 2. June 2009, 8:57

    are you going into teaching? what you’re talking about sounds really familiar!

    I spent last summer studying for a test, interviewing for jobs, filling out forms, getting fingerprints taken, etc. Totally glad I did it. But also happy that this summer I can take it easier.

  3. pamela, 2. June 2009, 17:33


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  4. Lynn, 2. June 2009, 22:54

    Are you going to become a peace officer? Sound like what my brother did except you left out boot camp.

    Don’t come looking for a teaching job in CA.. they’re all getting laid off.

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  5. Beth Partin, 9. June 2009, 19:41

    Applications to multiple agencies? Are you going to become an FBI agent? CIA?

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