Wrong in More Ways Than Six

Ah, Chris misses me. It was just enough to motivate me to hit the news sites and find something, anything to rant about. The Bristol Palin People cover? Nah. Too easy. How about this gem?

A group of sixth-graders made a YouTube video about how to kill a classmate. Sixth graders. Kill. A classmate.

I recall sixth grade, I was in elementary school. I think I had just muttered “fuck”. To highlight how amazingly naive I was, my seventh grade birthday celebration was at a skating rink. With roller skates. The kind with 4-wheels.

I digress.

In sixth grade I played with Barbies and my friends. And when we didn’t like someone? We so didn’t invite them to the slumber party. BURN. We did not think of not one, but six ways to kill them.

These little girls are well past being mean girls (follow that link, I double dog dare you – it doesn’t go where you expect!). They’re twelve years old and they’re openly discussing how to kill a classmate. One of the parents was too busy making dinner to pay attention to the victimized girl’s mother. Too busy? Do we, as a society, dismiss violent behavior when girls do it? Do we only worry about our boys? Or maybe I’m over wondering and we don’t generally pay attention?

I can guarantee you that if you called me and said that either of my children had been involved in the intimidation and threatening of your child – I’d be listening. I’d be shocked. And I’d most likely be in denial, but I’d be listening. Even if I had to set the Hamburger Helper aside.

If one of their neighborhood cats shows up shaved or set on fire these girls should be marked prime suspects.

Embedded video from CNN Video

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  1. melissaz, 25. May 2009, 21:17


    It would never have occurred to me to think of stuff like that. Then or now. I just don’t get it. But I did know girls who did stuff like that, and I see it in our neighborhood as well.

  2. pamela, 26. May 2009, 11:26

    Thanks for the unexpected mean girls link. That was clever.

    I’m trying to figure out the best (non-relationship-ending) way to tell a good friend of mine that her 2.5 year old is an undisciplined bully. But since “undisciplined bully” is all I have at the moment, I think I should maybe wait.

    pamelas last blog post..they that were, who are no longer

  3. Scylla, 28. May 2009, 15:01

    I am even more in love with you than normal for the Heather’s reference. Now… where is my fluffy red scrunchy….

    This is just beyond the pale. Seriously. In sixth grade if we inner city Denverites didn’t like someone we either talked shit about them, circulated notes about them, or sometimes got into fights with them.

    We never entered into felonious conspiracies to plan to attempt their murders.