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Dress Up

Audrey’s lovey is a key-lime green lion. Her name is Green Kitty.

Her twin’s name is also Green Kitty.

I’ve tried numerous times to rename them Key Lime and Lemon Meringue. But to no avail.

When Audrey was wee I bought her a green lion. I wanted her favorite lovey to be something we gave her. Elliot’s favorite came to be by pure blind luck. While pregnant with Audrey I was cleaning out the toy box and made a pile of toys that had never been played with and needed to find new homes. The next morning little Elliot wanders into our room, points at the pile and wails. Since he had never played with a single toy in the pile I compromised, he could keep one thing from it. He chose a white bull terrier sent to him by Peter’s aunt at his birth. And since he was language challenged he dubbed the newly claimed BFF Baby Puppy.

Four years later Baby Puppy is a full-fledged member of this family. In fact, he’s sharing Elliot’s bed right now.

On a vacation a few weeks shy of Audrey’s first birthday Green Kitty was dropped out of the stroller and run over in a muddy parking lot. She came clean but the drama of being in the washer was almost too much to bear. So, I purchased a stand-in. We rotated them, only ever leaving one out. Then one day Audrey caught on to me – she had to have both kitties at the same time.

Green Kitty is pretty well traveled. She’s been to Alabama, California and the doctor numerous times. We do not visit the doctor without her, ever. That would be lunacy. She’s the go-to for comfort, so much so that Elliot learned early on that retrieving Green Kitty would make Audrey stop screaming. Not that she ever screamed, she was a charming baby. Heh.

Tonight Green Kitty was feeling a little fancy and dressed in her finest before heading to bed.

I might cry more than Audrey does when Green Kitty doesn’t survive the the washer. I was looking around the Internets to find a picture of a new Green Kitty. No luck. Apparently Manhattan Toys no longer makes her. I did, however, find an interesting site where you can post pictures of the lovey/blankey that you are looking to find again and other people will help you out.

Animal Noises

Audrey’s face as she makes animal noises.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: AudreyFaces

That Was Uncomfortable

Back in June I particpated in a meme (did a meme?) where you go to Flickr, type in some search words, grab some pitcures and then build a mosaic from them. Big Huge Labs’ mosaic maker uses the url of the photos and makes a pretty picture. If the owner of the photo opted-out then mosaic maker would show a blank square.

I did that meme, friends did that meme and we all co-existed in Internet harmony.

That’s why I didn’t think anything of grabbing fence post pictures from Flickr and using them yesterday. A few things: these aren’t pictures of people, I wasn’t diparaging the fence posts, I wasn’t making money from the pictures and I did link back to each of them. Additionally, the settings in Flickr for each of these pictures allowed me to cut and paste its URI.

I was instructed to remove one of the pictures, since all four images actually created the new image the whole mosaic needed to go. So, you know, whatever. What’s upsetting to me is not that someone requested that I remove their image but that they do it so … harshly.

Does this mean I’ve arrived, when people treat me as though they need a lawyer? Or is this merely an additional sign of our society’s degradation when we cannot look at the intent and then craft our words accordingly? I didn’t use pictures of kids, I didn’t use the pictures in advertising, I don’t run ads on my site so I didn’t make a dime from the pictures being posted. Do I warrant a NOI?

But it wasn’t my picture, so I removed it. I just wish the request hadn’t been so adversarial.

Favorite Posts: Vote Now!!

Beth wondered if I should have a favorite posts post now that I’ve crossed 400 posts. So, here you go – some nice posts:

Sadly, this is really representative of my sense of humor (or lack thereof). I’ll jump at the chance to be punny. All photos taken from flickr and then made into a mosaic using Big Huge Labs mosaic maker.

2. Fence Posts with Hard Hats, 3. Invenergy Wind LLC’s Camp Springs Wind Energy Facility Power Windmills Turbines Propellers Energy Snyder Texas Cotton Field Clouds Sky Dirt Road Weather Commercial Photography Industrial Propellers Wind Power Turbines Energy Fence Post Gate Horizon Clouds, 4. Iron fence post and wire


This is my 400th post.

Whoa, that’s a lot of … uhm … minutia.

So, without further adieu I’m giving review stuff away!

Melissa from Taking What is Left will have two fraps (or 1/2 a book, her choice) on me and Lee from Blue Cocktail Happy Hour will be the next owner of 10-10-10.

Ladies – email me your snail mail addresses. Maybe I’ll make it to the post office tomorrow! If not, Monday for sure. Thanks for playing. And if I continue to review stuff, I’ll be sure to spread the wealth.

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