Jump, Jump, Jump

And in case the musical reference isn’t smacking you in the face, go here.

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  1. dana, 20. May 2009, 13:51

    Hi Catherine.
    Thanks for your comment on MADE.
    I’m not sure what you mean about extending the men’s shirt to make a dress? Do you mean, so you can make it into a women’s dress? I haven’t tried that yet. But I’m sure you could add extra fabric to the bottom of the shirt to make it longer. Or you could make it into a tunic top. Would be cute! If you go back to my blog, click on “things I’ve made” and click on “shirt dresses”……there are various other ideas linked in there, especially on the very first shirt dress, the Seaside Stripes. I linked to clevergirl.org who has BRILLIANt ideas on refashioning men’s shirts.
    Also, you can check out our flickr group (on the site too) to see what others have done.
    Good luck! I hope you tackle one!

  2. Beth Partin, 20. May 2009, 16:17

    I did not get that reference. I was thinking Jump by Van Halen.

    Beth Partins last blog post..Denver Wines on Wednesdays