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Beth wondered if I should have a favorite posts post now that I’ve crossed 400 posts. So, here you go – some nice posts:

Sadly, this is really representative of my sense of humor (or lack thereof). I’ll jump at the chance to be punny. All photos taken from flickr and then made into a mosaic using Big Huge Labs mosaic maker.

2. Fence Posts with Hard Hats, 3. Invenergy Wind LLC’s Camp Springs Wind Energy Facility Power Windmills Turbines Propellers Energy Snyder Texas Cotton Field Clouds Sky Dirt Road Weather Commercial Photography Industrial Propellers Wind Power Turbines Energy Fence Post Gate Horizon Clouds, 4. Iron fence post and wire

5 smart people left their mark:

  1. Laura, 7. May 2009, 12:23

    You are a dork. :)

  2. pamela, 7. May 2009, 18:30

    i remember that iron fence post and wire! you were so awesome that day!

  3. Beth Partin, 7. May 2009, 19:58

    This made me laugh. Thanks.

    Beth Partins last blog post..Downtown Denver Restaurants: Bayou Bob’s

  4. Jodi/snowy4052002, 7. May 2009, 21:47

    I am sorry but you took my photo above of the fence post without my permission–all of my photos are copyrighted to myself and are not for use such as this–you are not even linking back to the photos like you should be–therefore I ask that you remove my photo “Y – Fence Post” within 24 hours or I will file a NOI (Notice Of Infringement) against you with the hose of this site as you are in violation of the copyright.

    Please remove it.



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