I was going to title this “Cow in Foxx Clothing,” but Peter says that attacking her personally probably isn’t helpful.


It’s my blog.

Representative Virgina Foxx is a horrible, horrible person. And a liar. And most definitely a piece of shit.

I lived in northern Colorado when Matthew Shepard was murdered. He did not die during a robbery. He died in a Ft Collins hospital after being beaten and left tied to a fence on a cold Wyoming winter night. He was killed because he was gay. It was not a hoax.

Earlier this month she used the phrase “tar baby” on the House floor. She’s dispicable. I hope she enjoys the hell she most certainly believes in.

Rep Foxx should be ashamed. I hope the good people on NC vote her out her next term.

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  1. Tracie, 30. April 2009, 7:01

    Amen…well said! I think that it was a perfect post about just a terrible person.

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  2. Scylla, 30. April 2009, 9:21

    I personally think that calling her a cow would be an insult to cow’s, so I appreciate your restraint. However, maybe her views on life would change if she was tied to a post and beaten.

    Not that I would ever advocate that a mean spirited, evil, racist, evil, homophobic, evil, horrible, evil, advocate for evil be tied to a post a beaten.

  3. Maggie's Mind, 30. April 2009, 12:32

    Un. Be. Lievable. Seriously. People scare me sometimes.

  4. pamela, 30. April 2009, 13:52

    How awful for his parents.
    It’s not like you can ever get over the murder of your child, but to have That Woman talk about it the way she did?

  5. Beth Partin, 30. April 2009, 20:33

    What frustrates me about these people is that when you come back at them with what they deserve, they look at you as if you’re so unreasonable. They’re able to maintain their cool while saying terrible things, and if you lose it just the slightest bit, you look bad. It makes me want to tear my hair out.

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  6. Halimah, 4. May 2009, 4:52

    Whoa. I’m picking my dropped jaw up off the keyboard. Wonder what she would have had to say about the brutal treatment of the suffragists at Occoquan workhouse in 1917. Of course had we not gained the right to do anything other than cook,clean and have babies, she wouldn’t be spouting out such nauseating comments. What a piece of work.

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  7. Mountain Lover, 6. May 2009, 7:42

    What a piece of work! She’s only making herself look like an idiot- the only people I’ve heard disparage Matthew Shepard in any way are from the Westboro Baptist Church. She wants to be compared to them? Fine.

    And she’s for taxpayers paying CEO bonuses? Well, I guess with the regressive tax structure we’re currently under, it doesn’t hurt the wealthy too much, so why should she care?

    I don’t think they can wait for her next term, I think they should call for her resignation. Not only is she stupid, ignorant and hateful, but she’s making a mockery of her state and further damaging the Republican Party (which I don’t mind, but they might…)