We were graced with a spring storm over the weekend. I try to make it sound lovely, because really? I don’t like the snow when I need to be outside. If it could snow from 6pm until 6am and not stick to the roads that would be awesome.

But sometimes it does stick.

And sometimes it’s pretty.

That wee little building on the left is NCAR. Which is hardly wee. And! designed by IM Pei (he also designed the Louvre).

Peter has taken Elliot to NCAR but I have never been. Ever. Which is weird since I went to college down the hill from there and high school not much further than that. I think I’ll remedy that soon. Yay! A field trip. You’re on the edge of your seat, aren’t you?

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  1. Lynn, 7. April 2009, 11:00

    Took Sydney to NCAR… lots of fun!

    Lynns last blog post..Top 10 Horrible Things About Moving