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Hoppy Easter

Somehow I managed to forget my camera when we went to see the Easter Bunny. As I was telling Peter that I had gone to all the effort to change out the battery (I recently had two occasions where I neglected to bring a charged camera to an outting) the nice lady behind me offered me her camera saying she’d email me the pictures that night. AND SHE DID. Thanks to the kindness of strangers you all get a bunny picture!

Hope the Easter Bunny left a little something extra behind for you.

Christmas, 1974

This is me rocking the requisite wrapping bow in 1974, I was 9-months old.

I’m not sure I know where to start. Let’s just move left-to-right.

That’s my mom on the left. In the pink, button-fly, varying wale corduroys. One word: HAWT. (Are you amazingly impressed that I know that the sticky-out bit of cords is called wale? Because I do – now you know what’s in my head: trivia and minutia.)

I have no idea whose couch this is. I can tell you though, that if it were covered in some solid colored tweed, say gray or in a microfiber I’d be all over it today. I love the straight lines and lack of over stuffed pillows.

I think the sleeve on the far right is my dad. Cool that he coordinated his patterned shirt to my mom’s pants.

I think my pants were pink too. I had no idea my mom dressed us in coordinating outfits for the holidays. I’m glad I can carry on that family tradition too.

I think it’s funny there’s a bow on my head. So funny in fact that when Elliot was old enough to open his own presents I taught him to stick the bows to his own head. I’m pretty sure that’s why I had kids, to teach them party tricks.

The Christmas that Elliot was one-year old we went to Mobile (not for Xmas, but immediately after). Poor Elliot. He did not understand why people didn’t stick their bows on his head. He taught everyone what to do and then demonstrated with his aunt (hi Auntie L, in case you’re out there!).

I am participating in My Tiny Kingdom‘s Flashback Fridays. Not too sure it counts as a flashback since I don’t recall 1974, but the picture is cute.

Favorite Things

No, not like Martha Stewart. Elliot asked me what my favorite thing in the whole world is, I answered “my kids.” He called me out since that’s really two things. So, I changed my answer to “family.” Thankfully something else grabbed his attention before he had a chance to argue the merits of my answer.

His favorite thing? Vacation.

Car Wash

Turns out Banjo is afraid of the car wash. Like shivering, shaking, must sit on my lap while I am in the driver’s set scared. Doesn’t look so scary to me. But then again, I am not a cockapoo.


We were graced with a spring storm over the weekend. I try to make it sound lovely, because really? I don’t like the snow when I need to be outside. If it could snow from 6pm until 6am and not stick to the roads that would be awesome.

But sometimes it does stick.

And sometimes it’s pretty.

That wee little building on the left is NCAR. Which is hardly wee. And! designed by IM Pei (he also designed the Louvre).

Peter has taken Elliot to NCAR but I have never been. Ever. Which is weird since I went to college down the hill from there and high school not much further than that. I think I’ll remedy that soon. Yay! A field trip. You’re on the edge of your seat, aren’t you?


Traffic in downtown Denver as captured with the fireworks setting on my camera


outside of my left calf

The top is the Chinese zodiac for ram/goat/sheep which is the year Elliot was born and the bottom is rooster, for Audrey.

Wow! Wow! Yo-ho-ho!

A lot of kids shows drive me a little batty. And not that garden variety crazy. That sort of crazy where you’d really rather stick hot pokers in your ears than listen to another verse. For example, my kids don’t know who this is

(hmmm, as it turns out – Audrey knows who he is. But! we’ve never watched an episode inside our home.)

When Elliot was small Backyardigans became available in our market. We bought the DVDs because finally! kids shows that didn’t make me cry! I just asked him if he liked Backyardigans. He said, “Not anymore. It’s kind of a little kid show.” This led to Audrey asking to watch Backyardigans. So, you can see that we have a diverse audience when it comes to television viewing.

One show they’ll both watch, and seemingly enjoy, though is Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! MomCentral gave me the chance to review Wubbzy’s latest offering:

Who doesn’t love a pirate? I mean really?

As it turns out, everyone in this test audience enjoys Pirate Wubbzy. Personally, I enjoy Wubbzy’s friend Widget. Widget is a girl! And pink! And she uses tools! And the boys like her! I like that Widget often solves the physical problems the band of friends encounter. Walden is “the smart one” and he often explains the lesson learned on their adventure. In Pirate Treasure Wuubzy found a map and convinced his friends to search for the hidden treasure. They were game but not entirely convinced. Wubbzy kept telling them they just had to believe. And in the end? (spoiler alert) The treasure was their adventure!

I asked Elliot his favorite part. He said, “I liked it all so much I forgot my favorite part.”He honestly laughed at certain parts. That’s relatively new for him. Honest-to-goodness LOL.

There are six other Wow! Wow! Wubbzy episodes on this disk. When they are together the fun never ends. At least not for 82 minutes.

Happy April Fools Day

I was considering that if I had a better grasp on punctuation I could turn the title into a doubel entendre. But I don’t. So …


I am not so creative as to pull off any great April Fools Day hoaxes. Or even good jokes. Don’t get me wrong, I am downright hilarious in person. But that’s all off-the-cuff stuff. I couldn’t plan my way through a good joke or hoax if I tried.

But google can.

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