Happy Friday the 13th. Again. It’s the second one this year. There’ll be another in November in case you didn’t give this one the proper reverence.

I’m not afraid of the number 13. If you are, you are triskaidekaphobic.

I’m not particularly superstitious. At least I don’t think I am. I don’t step on cracks in the sidewalk but that’s more because I like to have the same number of steps in each concrete segment than anything else. If I step on a crack did that foot fall in the last segment or the upcoming one? See. A conundrum that can be avoided by not stepping on cracks.

(tangent: there are two flights up stairs in my building that I walk up and down multiple times per day. Recently I’ve started taking the stairs 2 at a time. One flight has an uneven number of stairs. I have to take an extra step of just one step on that flight. This bothers me. It bothers me more that the other flight is not similarly designed.)

I’m not afraid of black cats. I used to own be the guardian to two.

I’ll walk under a ladder. Usually I’m holding it so my dear husband doesn’t topple over. So, I’m not afraid of the ladder, I’m afraid of being a single parent.

I will tell you to “break a leg” if you’re in the theatre rather than “good luck” because of your own superstitions. Not mine.

On second thought, I am afraid of the number 13, as it pertains to children being that age. I am very scared of 13-year old children in my family.

Hat tip: NPR

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  1. pamela, 14. March 2009, 9:26

    I am a life-long survivor of being born on Friday the 13th.
    And I think I turned out just fine.

    Also? Have to have the same number of steps on the sidewalk. Also? Afraid of being a single parent and teenagers. Also? Black cat from Hades lives in my house, and we’re all okay except for when he decides he wants humanburger for a snack. He’s a real bastard, and his life hangs in the balance. Hopefully he will realize this so my daughter is not disappointed when he becomes tomato fertilizer.

    The end.

    pamelas last blog post..emailing it in thursday. because why make the effort to find the phone?

  2. Tracie, 14. March 2009, 17:11

    I love the idea of Friday the 13th! Just a fun way to mess with my head…plus such a full moon this week makes it even better. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

  3. Kelly O, 16. March 2009, 6:22

    Cracks and steps: *snerk* You’re down with OCD, too!

    Kelly Os last blog post..I’m super