Las Vacaciones, Dia Uno

We rolled into Santa Fe a little before 1am. Some portion of the kids had slept some portion of the drive. All the kids struggled getting settled into their sleeping arrangements. But finally, somewhere around 2:30 there was sweet silence. And then at 7am they were awake! and ready! and hungry! and are we there yet?

I have to be honest, this morning was rough. Not enough caffeine. While we’re looking for a) a parking spot b) coffee and c) something to do all I can think is “hey, that building is latte colored …. mmmmm  latte.”


Fully caffeinated we headed our for adventure. Our first stop was a bus tour. It was really pretty and really interesting and really cold. Did you know Santa Fe is 7,000 ft above sea level? It was 40 degrees today. Not really all that comfortable in an open bus. We did however get to see much of the town and stop in a few places.

Santa Fe is known for its art, there are sculptures everywhere. Here are a few that I snapped today. And a picture of the kids so we can remind them that we had fun. Damnit.