Las Vacaciones, Dia Dos

Ah, sweet sleep. Everyone was in bed by 9:40 last night. What a difference a solid night of sleep makes.

Well, it’s an improvement – but not life altering.


We went to the Museum of International Folk Art and made Wayang Kulits. The five public museums in Santa Fe have an amazing bargain: children under 16 are free and you can purchase a pass to visit all the musuems within 5 days for $20.

This afternoon after a lunch with some of the most expensive guacamole known to man, we went to Palace of the Governors. It’s the oldest continuously occupied public building in America. There is a chapel inside with some uncountable number of crucifxes. Some on the wall. Some larger than life. Of course, Elliot wanted to know who the guy on the “T” was. I had to explain that it’s Jesus knowing full well that the next question is “who is Jesus?” So, in the end, there’s this guy nailed to the T and some people think he was important. The end.

Not really ready to explain that Daddy is an Atheist and Mommy is agnostic and Jesus was just a guy. Also not sure that the inside of a chapel is the proper venue.

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  1. Kelly O, 30. March 2009, 9:03

    I’m not really sure how to approach the whole religion thing with my kids, either. Thea has been saying that God made everything, something she’s heard in daycare, I’m sure. I try saying, Well, that’s certainly what some people believe. But it’s all very inadequate.

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