Las Vacaciones, Dia Cuatro

On our drive back we took a detour through Taos, most specifically Taos Pueblo. It’s amazing to think about these buildings existing in this area 1000 years ago. We don’t think of America being that old.

Overall, I would call the vacation a success. Of course, there were meltdowns and limited patience (from all parties). But really? Four kids and two adults and everyone came home with souvenirs.

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  1. Nylonthread, 30. March 2009, 6:25

    That totally sounds like a success! This photo of the four kids together, framed in the gate (?) is fantastic. Did the kids do well with all the walking? (I ask because boy#2 has a nice-looking walking stick.)

  2. Catherine, 30. March 2009, 8:19

    They did great with the walking. Most of our walking was in museums or the plaza, both with ample sitting down spots. I think just as important, they did really well with the riding in the car for multiple hours. I didn’t have to pull over a single time!

  3. Kelly O, 30. March 2009, 8:44

    That’s a BEAUTIFUL picture.