Date Night

It must be hard being 5 1/2-years old. Goodness knows it’s hard to parent a 5 1/2-year old. He’s not yet in Kindergarten but is so big, so able. He can tie his shoes but cannot undo the knot he made untying them. He can tell time but not give me five more minutes to finish what I’m doing.

I took him to see Race to Witch Mountain.I had no idea what to expect. Would he be into it, a kid movie that’s not a cartoon? Or would he be completely freaked out? In the spectrum of our friend’s kids, Elliot is about average. He’s not as naive as some kids and he’s hardly as worldly as others. His knowledge of Spiderman is limited to what he overhears at school but his knowledge of Obi-wan Kenobi is first hand. He knows who Spongebob is but hasn’t seen an episode. Our friends kids range from those that are pop culture kings to those that still watch Backyardigans (even in Kindergarten).

The previews were a little loud, little ears were covered. The beginning of the movie was a little un-nerving and we held hands. And then he wanted to leave because it was too scary. No problem, we left. He suggested video games or bowling. Given the hour the bowling alley would be packed and the arcade would be 21+. So, I told him we could leave – that would be no problem but that we wouldn’t be able to do another activity tonight. I let him think it over while I used the facilities. He decided to stay. We went back in. There were a lot of car chases. A lot of assurances he didn’t want to leave. Then 10 minutes before the end, he wanted to leave – definitely too scary. We left, bought some Whoppers, he wanted to see if maybe the scary part was over. We went back. And watched the credits.

Overall, the story was too sophisticated for him. I’m actually glad he found it scary, that he’s not numb to all the shooting and violence yet. He’s only 5. He has the rest of his life to be jaded. For now he can stay young and carefree.

He goes to Kindergarten in August. He’s thrilled. I’m excited to see him so excited. But I’ll miss my baby. I know that what I’ll get back will be awesome and amazing too. But the kid that I get back won’t be scared by a little gun fire. He won’t want to hold my hand in the movie theatre. The little kid I send to Kindergarten will come back a kid that says things like, “moooom you are like sooooo lame.”

And that’ll be my role, to be the lame mom to a little boy trying to grow up. It’s the cirle of life.

Ooh, maybe we can watch Lion King. Except the beginning. That shit’s scary.

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  1. Peter Williams, 21. March 2009, 21:43

    As it turns out Elliot cannot actually tie his shoes. Instead he just does not untie them when he takes them off, so that the next day he can just slip them on again. He is careful not to correct people when they compliment him on his shoe tying ability, though.

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  2. pamela, 22. March 2009, 9:57

    Date nights are one of our favorite things here at the Dayton house.

    pamelas last blog post..i just wanted a coffee, or she got hers

  3. Lynn, 23. March 2009, 8:13

    Awww what a cute date night! He’s getting so big! And it’s so (i dont’ know the word for it, between happy and sad) to see them grow up.

    Right there with you on the movie stuff… still no Lion King. Still watching Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We did branch out to musicals though with Mary Poppins and Sound of Music at the top of the list. But she can only watch SoM up through the wedding.

    Lynns last blog post..Roseville meet Noodles. Noodles meet Roseville.

  4. Beth Partin, 23. March 2009, 9:07

    I’m glad he’s not jaded too, but I don’t think he’ll be calling you lame anytime soon.

    Beth Partins last blog post..MonHaibun: Not Sure How to Ask

  5. Tracie, 23. March 2009, 20:09

    That is the perfect date night. And it’s sweet that he was ready to face his fears after a few Whoopers. Good for him! Even better that it was over.

  6. Tammy, 24. March 2009, 9:37

    This one of my favorite posts. It almost brought tears to my eyes because it made me think of Riley being 5 (or even older). And….you’re the coolest mom ever.