Weekend Getaway

Since school was closed on Monday to reflect on the birth of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, we took the three day weekend opportunity and headed to the mountains.

I do not like to drive in the snow.

I do not like to drive in the snow when visibility is < 10 feet.

Luckily that was only a little bit of the trip up. We went to Glenwood Springs to sit in the mineral filled, spring heated, outdoor pool.

We stayed in the very old, very beautiful Hotel Colorado.

The Hotel Colorado is supposedly the birthplace of the Teddy Bear. The hotel’s lobby was huge and inviting, it was the sort of lobby that guests are supposed to lounge in. We played a lot of Uno there.

On Monday, Peter drove back to Denver to go to work. The kids and I took the train home, ending at Denver’s Union Station.

I remembered to bring all sorts of things … but not a charged battery for my camera. I bought disposable but haven’t had them developed yet. Maybe there’s a good picture our two in there. Other than that glitch it was a glorious weekend. We just hung out together. No doing chores, no running errands. The kids were great on the train, they even took a nap!

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  1. Beth Partin, 18. February 2009, 16:43

    That sounds wonderful. I’ve taken the train to the Western Slope, and if you don’t mind the delays, it’s really nice.

    Have you been to Hot Sulphur Springs over near Granby? It has all sorts of little pools and is nice to visit when it’s a little warmer and you don’t freeze walking from one pool to another.

    Beth Partins last blog post..Dazzle’s Urban Brunch

  2. mp, 18. February 2009, 20:44

    and you were about 3 miles from tanja last weekend.

  3. Tracie, 18. February 2009, 21:26

    I love Glenwood Springs…the perfect weekend getaway. How was the train ride? I have always wanted to ride on the train but just haven’t done that yet.

  4. CathyC, 19. February 2009, 5:18

    What a beautiful place!! So relaxing!

  5. Chris, 22. February 2009, 21:41

    I want to go there too! I took 2 of the 3 kids to my parents. Not quite the same.

    Chriss last blog post..Little Excitement

  6. Don Mills Diva, 24. February 2009, 12:25

    Sounds dreamy! What a gorgeous place.

    Don Mills Divas last blog post..Exposed