I’d love to have you come over for dinner, but can you Bring Your Own Chair?

We enjoy entertaining. So much so that we purchased a dining table that can seat 12. Twelve. I don’t know 12 people. And really? It’s moot. I couldn’t commit to the chairs that went with the table when we bought it. So, right now we use the 4 chairs from our previous table. And as you can see from the picture above, if we do want to have people over we break out the folding chairs and (egads) some plastic chairs from outside. The lawn chairs are too wide, even with the other leaf we’d never get 4 more of them around the table.

I want to have real, indoor furniture for our guests. But I cannot commit. I have analysis paralysis. What if I find the chairs I like cheaper somewhere? Then I’m just mad I over paid. What if I find something I like better? What if …


And! Why can I not buy an oval table cloth in lengths longer than 84?

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  1. pamela, 11. February 2009, 8:11

    This is probably going to sound a little nutty.
    We recently bought a new computer cabinet/hutch/thingy. (*groan* at the walmarts *groan*) We also got a super comfy chair that
    a) is black
    b) is wooden
    c) folds to less than 6 inches wide
    d)is super comfy
    e) looks really classy for a folding chair
    f) cost $20.
    Does that help?
    And I have no answer for the 84 inch tablecloth problem. Maybe check a restaurant supply store or make one. You can get some really wide width fabric at nicer fabric stores.

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  2. Tracie, 11. February 2009, 9:44

    I have the same issue…at times. But once I find what I LOVE…no problem. So I think you have to just decide what you really want. If it’s 12 chairs then that is what you research. Look online, different stores, ask friends, etc. Once you find something that you like and can afford…STOP LOOKING! That way, you don’t have to worry about regretting it later. You will love what you have and feel good about the purcahse.

    As for the table cloth, hmmm…I don’t have an answer to that question. But you are very crafty so maybe you just need to make one. I say that like it’s easy, but I know that it probably is not that simple.

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