The Departed

Spoiler alert

Everyone dies. Well, not Marky Mark – he lived.

I really wanted to see The Departed on the big screen, but I was busy raising kids. Or something. But this weekend we sat down and watched it. It was as good as I hoped (btw, my expectation for movies is low – as long as I don’t feel like that’s two hours of my life I really want back, I consider it a success).

How could you not love The Departed though? A good story that draws you in and an amazing star-filled cast. Jack Nicholson is #1 bad guy, Marky Mark is a smart-mouthed police Sargent, Matt Damon is a mole, Leonardo DiCaprio (anyone else remember him on Growing Pains?) is also a mole but for the other team and Alec Baldwin. Oh! And Martin Sheen. See? good actors – it would be hard to make a craptastic movie with these guys all being directed my Martin Scorsese.

Some things that bounced around in my head … how is it that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck got their big break together in Good Will Hunting and one of them makes romantic comedies and the other makes awesome action packed adventure? Also, can you imagine Thanksgiving at Mrs Baldwin’s home if all four sons were there? Alec is an outspoken liberal, Stephen is an evangelical Christian, Daniel has allegedly has a cocaine problem and then boring Billy is married to Chynna Phillips and has been for over a decade.


If you like movies that make you pay attention and can handle the constant use of the F-word

Ellerby: Go fuck yourself.
Dignam: I’m tired from fucking your wife.
Ellerby: How is your mother?
Dignam: Good, she’s tired from fucking my father.

There’s blood too. And guns. And cigarettes.

I would totally watch it again. And for some points of comparison:

  • American Pie or The Departed? The Departed
  • Face/Off or The Departed? Are you insane? John Travolta is in Face/Off, Face Off
  • Italian Job or The Departed? you should do a Marky Mark double-header and watch both
  • Horton Hears a Who or The Departed? The Departed
  • Slumdog Millionaire or The Departed? Slumdog Millionaire because you can rent The Departed anytime
  • Australia or The Departed? The Departed, Australia took 3 hours of my life that I cannot have back
  • The Dark Knight or The Departed? ooh, that’s hard … but if I can only pick one, The Departed

So, there you have it. Watch The Departed. And to help you do that I will send one lucky person my copy on DVD. It’s a legal, purchased DVD – only watched once. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Friday, January 9. To be eligible leave a comment before Thursday, January 8th 10pm MST.

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  1. Pamela, 5. January 2009, 13:18

    My in-laws have seen Slumdog Millionaire twice this week. Maybe we’ll go on a date and take it in. Along with two gallons of popcorn, because that is the rule.
    Fun giveaway!

    Pamelas last blog post..the boy who says ‘no’, or, i *will* be there at the finish line

  2. Lynn, 5. January 2009, 17:12

    LOL.. this was a good movie!

    I personally liked Australia, guess I was in need of it but I have seen better. Take the curious case of benjamin button.

    Ok.. that was 3 hours long and about the last hour I was bawling like i’ve never bawled before. No, I take that back… when my grandma DIED… yes, that’s when I cried that hard. It wasn’t your normal cry at movies, it was an all out “someone has DIED” bawl fest. And then we get in the car and Nathan says, “did you notice how the baby looked like Ethan from the back?” “YES!” and I’m bawling again.

    As I was walking out of the theater, face in hands so people won’t see me, I hear a lady talking to 3 teenagers, “Well, make all the jokes you want,I personally found this to be an amazing movie.” I looked over and exchanged a knowing glance with this mother and said, “I totally understand. They don’t have kids yet.” And she replied, “Exactly.”

    Go see it… if anything, to satisfy your curiosity as to how in the world they handle Brad Pitt become a baby.

    Lynns last blog post..Grandma’s house

  3. Kim, 5. January 2009, 19:26

    Looks like a can’t-lose cast. I’m in!

  4. shauna, 6. January 2009, 13:56

    I dug The Departed too.

    I’ve seen all the good movies lately. May I recommend The Reader, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Marley and Me. (Marley and Me mostly because of my girl crush on Jennifer Aniston)

    I even liked 7 Pounds which, from what I understand, didn’t get good reviews. BUT, I would totally marry Will Smith so I may not be a good judge of his films.

    So what’d we learn today? That I want to marry Will Smith and have a lesbian affair with Jen Aniston. I can promise you my mother is proud.

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  6. Catherine, 8. January 2009, 9:27

    (server upgrade broke my comments, so to keep it fair I’m reposting them)
    from lee
    ok, here’s one for you:

    boogie night or the departed?

    i love me some dirk digler!

  7. Catherine, 8. January 2009, 9:28

    from Kelly Go

    Oo, I love me some Alec Baldwin. He’s my most heart-felt crush. But don’t tell anyone. That’s just between me and you.

    Kelly Os last blog post..When Twitter mobs attack

  8. Tammy, 8. January 2009, 10:30

    Pick me! I know it’s random but it will be years before we see a movie in the theater again.

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