So, five presidents walk into a bar

If only I had a punchline for that …

Earlier this week President W invited his dad, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the husband of the soon-to-be Secretary of State and the President-elect over for lunch

There are two ways to break down the demographics of this photo: 3 democrats and 2 Bushes or 3 blue ties and 2 red ones. Interestingly, tie color does not follow party lines. Obama’s light blue tie “is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.” Our country needs healing, so it’s a good choice. As we all know red is a bold color of passion and power. Does Clinton think he needed to remind these men of his own power? And Carter? Did he wear that tie during his own presidency? Carter should definitely wear green, olive green “is the traditional color of peace.”

OMG WHERE IS BILL’S FLAG LAPEL PIN? He’s going to Gitmo for sure. Well, he can take Jimmy with his I guess.

Carter looks a little uninterested in the whole affair. Also, he’s standing in the exact same place as he was in this picture. Creepy.

I like this picture. Carter’s looking at Reagan like laugh it up jackass (although he’s a Southern Baptist so that language would never cross his lips) your best friend is a monkey and I don’t mean that chimp from your movies.

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8 smart people left their mark:

  1. Christina, 8. January 2009, 11:41

    I love the way you described the current group that gathered yesterday!

  2. nylonthread, 8. January 2009, 12:09

    Okay! My comment from yr brussels sprouts post (and Kelly O’s, as well) was deleted. :-(

    And somebody should’ve told Jimmy C. to scootch in a bit. Do you think Bill smelled funny? Why is Prez W’s hair grayer than his dad’s? All conundrums that I don’t really care about.

  3. melissaz, 8. January 2009, 12:13

    That sounded like a bad joke to me as well. But sadly, I couldn’t come up with a punchline.

    Here’ a thought for you, sine I know I’m among friends here: my orchesrta, which has a lot of neocon types in it, is playing a piece which is an arrangement of the Israeli national anthem. Am I wrong to think this is a little inappropriate?

  4. Kelly O, 8. January 2009, 12:15

    This is a wonderful collection of photos, and I love your commentary.

    Bush Sr.’s smile is seriously creeping me out. It’s like a death grin.

    Kelly Os last blog post..When Twitter mobs attack

  5. Catherine, 8. January 2009, 13:36


    Bush Snr has the same grin in the top two pics. Definitely creepy. He and my pal Jimmy are the only two in all three pics.

  6. Gary, 8. January 2009, 14:06

    In that last photo I believe that Reagan is saying, “Trickle down this, you f-ing crook”

    Garys last blog post..Wine instead of Whine

  7. Beth Partin, 11. January 2009, 20:40

    I think Obama’s body language is pretty telling.

  8. Halimah, 17. January 2009, 5:30

    lol! Great take on the pictures ~ President Carter’s expression in the last one is indeed priceless. Obama looks completely at home and at ease. Yeah baby.

    Halimahs last blog post..On The Nightstand Or Piled On the Floor…