A New Love

Sometimes I surprise even myself. I like brussel sprouts!! I think brussel sprouts get a bad wrap. There’s a whole discussion board about why people hate them. Personally, I hadn’t had them in years until a friend served them at her house. And now? Now I LOVE THEM. They won’t replace my beloved beets (oh how I love the beets) but there’ll be more brussel sprouts at our house.

Have you tried (or retried) a food recently and surprised yourself with your like for it? What’s the best food that the rest of us probably aren’t eating?

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  1. Pamela, 7. January 2009, 9:07

    I’m not the world’s greatest anything of brussel sprouts. But beets? I loves me some beets. Do you ever roast them? Because woah, sister, if not, you should. Wrap those suckers in aluminum foil (ala the potato) and bake them 1 1/2-2 hours at 300, or 350, it doesn’t really matter. The skins pop right off and the beets taste like candy.

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  2. melissaz, 7. January 2009, 10:22

    I love them, too. Sauteed with a little garlic and parmesean sprinkled on them…yummy.

    Beets, not so much though.

  3. Chris, 7. January 2009, 11:32

    I love both roasted beets (rarely make them for some reason) and roasted brussell sprouts.

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  4. Tracie, 7. January 2009, 12:33

    I still don’t like brussell sprouts and not a big fan of beets either…I’m so sorry. But I do love broccoli. I like it steamed, raw…een over cooked is fine. Who would have thought.

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  5. Anne Z., 7. January 2009, 18:02

    I have never tried brussel sprouts. Maybe I ought to, based on your experience! How did you cook them?

  6. Catherine, 8. January 2009, 9:26

    Anne – I steamed the brussel sprouts (cut an X into their base to make them cook faster). I think next time I will saute them with garlic.

  7. Tammy, 8. January 2009, 10:28

    I’m a b.sprouts lover too! I tried to spread the joy with my neighbor but I noticed that she (and her entire family) picked around them in my roasted veggies dish. When I asked why, she said “they taste like dirt”. I guess they are an acquired taste.

  8. Gary, 8. January 2009, 14:04

    It’s funny the things we learn as we grow “older”. At 17 I started liking sushi which I’d always thought was slimy. When I joined my CSA I began to get fresh beets and realized I loved them although it was my arch nemesis when my Dad grew them when I was a child. But one thing is for sure: I’ve ALWAYS loved brussel sprouts.

    I’m still waiting for the day I can sit down and enjoy fennel though. Don’t think that’s going to happen.

  9. Catherine, 8. January 2009, 14:23

    Kelly said (but was deleted in my server move)
    Mmm, beeeets. And brussell sprouts. Both are so, so good, but I guess it’s all in how you make it, right?

    Here’s something that I never knew I like: roasted bone marrow. Monkeyrotica made it a while back, and my son and I went crazy for it. I was just reminiscing about how good it was a few days ago, in fact.

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    And then Nylonthread:
    A food item that I always thought was gross my whole life, then just recently realized that it’s pretty awesome? Grits. Cheese grits, to be more specific. Kelly O (and it’s hilarious to me that she’s talking about stuff prepared at my house and I’m talking about food she made!) cooked up a mess (it has to be a mess, doesn’t it?) of cheese grits on New Year’s Day and it was sublime. Against my better judgement, I ate two servings.

    And then me:
    Cheese grits? YUM. Apparently you can take the girl out of the South but you can’t take the South out of the girl. What’s next? Gumbo?

    Roasted bone marrow? Is it more like Jell-O or more like pork skins? I’m not really onboard for either.

  10. Leslie, 10. January 2009, 20:51

    I looooove brussel sprouts and I have always loved them-little cabbages-delicious with butter s & p. They’re one of my favorites! I like to steam them, then sautee them in a pan with a little olive oil and garlic-yuuummmmmy!

  11. CathyC, 12. January 2009, 6:12

    This post settles it. We cannot eat vegetables together. In my world, brussel sprouts and beets are NOT part of the vegetable group. Nope.
    Have a great day!