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People Don’t Suck As Much As I Thought

From what I can gather two heroic good Samaritans helped save my cousin’s life. I am not an official source, but she was in the breakdown lane looking under the hood of her car (she’s a mechanic, so this make sense). And another car, presumably going highway speeds, hit her car forcing her own car to run her over. A nearby Sheriff’s Deputy and two people that happened to be driving by flipped her car on its side to free her.

They didn’t have to stop, it was 3:30 in the morning on a Friday.

To whomever you are, thank you for making a choice to get involved. Thank you for not leaving it to someone else.

Humanity might win out after all.

Oh, Hi December

I’ve been working. Too much as it turns out.

I had this post floating around in my mind that started with me telling you about Elliot sweeping me off my feet. At Thanksgiving I was trying to get him to talk to my BIL’s girlfriend (hi!) and I asked Elliot his favorite color. He looked right at me and answered, “the color of your eyes.”

And there was the Atheist billboards in Colorado, but Peter called dibs.

OJ got up to 33 years, karma is a bitch.

Today I found out my cousin was in a horrible car accident yesterday. Most of my energy has gone into worrying from afar; she lives in the northwest. Good things: alcohol wasn’t a factor. Bad things: skull fracture, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, broken pelvis and broken femur. She’s 25.

So, Internets – that’s what’s new with me. I’ll get off my arse and start posting again. I’ll need somewhere other than work to channel this anxiety.

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