Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday reprieve. Back to the grindstone, for a few days at least!

The weekend before the Santa holiday we visited an aquarium. Not what you’re expecting since I live in a land-locked state and all, eh? There’s lots to do here. We’re no Philly, but we hold our own. We have a zoo, an art museum, a science museum and the aquarium. Oddly, the aquarium is owned by a seafood restaurant chain, Landry’s. I’ll just let that one sink in a for a moment.

The kids love the aquarium. And to help them think it is even better than it really is, we only go about once per year. Of all our things-to-do-and-see, it is by far the most expensive. The other places are all part of the SCFD which means that they get tax payer money to help fund their operations. To be eligible for SCFD dollars an organization cannot be for-profit, obviously Landry’s is.

You walk through a glass tunnel, surrounded on all sides by water and fish. It’s very cool. Apparently you can swim with the fish too. Not us though, we meandered through the aquarium looking at all the fish. Audrey decided that the only reason the sharks weren’t eating the fish in the tank was that they weren’t hungry just then. I really hope it’s more than that, I don’t want to be walking through some time and unexpectanly see a shark gnawing on a parrot fish.

Remember how I said the aquarium is owned by Landry’s? They bought the bankrupt Ocean Journey in 2003 and then in 2005 added a full service restuarant with an amazing view of fish swimming. I have cognitive dissonance in that the aquarium (the house of fish) is owned by a fish restaurant and that they serve seafood in full-view of live swimming fish. But whatever – the fish tacos are yummy.

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  1. melissaz, 29. December 2008, 7:51

    Is this the Denver aquarium? We’ve been there, too. It is awesome.

    Landry’s owns the aquarium in Houston, too. And you are right, it is very disturbing. But I bet it keeps the fish in line….

    melissazs last blog post..Merry Something?

  2. Pamela, 29. December 2008, 8:10

    Disturbing? I think it’s funny. At least you know your dinner has had a happy life, and was just swimming merrily along before they were filet-ed. Talk about fresh fish!

    Pamelas last blog post..merry christmas.

  3. Maggie's Mind, 29. December 2008, 8:11

    Beautiful picture and looks like much fun!

    When I lived in Japan, honest to God, all kidding aside, I seriously and really overheard visitors saying “mmm, looks delicious” about some of the fish. I’ve not been right since. (OK, not that I was before, but that kind of broke something in my psyche somewhere fishy.)

  4. Lynn, 29. December 2008, 11:07

    I love that aquarium!! Especially the Tigers!! We were at their restaurant in Kemah, south of Houston and it’s the exact same thing! Love the crab dip!! ohhh… going to houston in 2 weeks and maybe we’ll go that aquarium!!

    Lynns last blog post..Four going on Seven

  5. Beth Partin, 30. December 2008, 9:54

    I like the Denver aquarium, especially the flash flood part. I haven’t been to another aquarium that had that.

    I wonder if they do get food from the aquarium, or order it from somewhere. Do they serve seabass and other stuff that’s overfished? It is weird. I’m not sure I really like privatization…

    I’ll be out of town in January but would definitely love some company on my excursions. Maybe we could gear one toward kids? Sounds fun to me.

    Beth Partins last blog post..MonHaibun: Poem by Another