Day Without a Gay

Today, December 10 don’t spend a dime. Day Without a Gay is a strike and boycott to demonstrate the financial value of the LGTBQ community in our society.

Our community contributes $700 billion a year to this economy (the same amount as the bailout), yet we are not given equal protections under the law that every citizen deserves. As such, it is time we make a stand.

While I will participate, I fear that in this economy no one will notice. Doesn’t matter. We must keep at it and keep at it.

I just read that a smart judge in FL just approved adoption by a gay parent. Florida banned gay parent adoption in 1977. It really upsets me that because I have a uterus and have accepted sperm I am somehow deemed a better parent than a person who so desperately wants to be a parent but cannot because some old (presumably) white man thirty years ago deemed homosexuals unfit parents. How does that work when one parent comes out of the closet after 10 years? Or do I even want to know? Wanting to be a parent, having the room in your heart to have it broken – that’s what makes you a parent. Not who you call “honey.”

Some fun facts

  • Same-sex couples raising adopted children are older, more educated, and have more economic resources than other adoptive parents.
  • Gay and lesbian parents are raising three percent of foster children in the United States.
  • Gay and lesbian parents are raising four percent of all adopted children in the United States.
  • A national ban on GLB foster care could cost from $87 to $130 million.

Awesome. We surely don’t want financially stable, well educated folks rearing-children. That makes no sense. And we should definitely put more burden on each state’s budget by refusing to place children in same-sex parent homes.

Good grief, I thought only Sarah Palin could make me this crazy.

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  1. Christina Nowacki, 10. December 2008, 11:13

    Nothing made me as crazy as Prop 8 this year! And I am a liberal surrounded by conservatives in my family and friends, yet THAT didn’t irritate me as much as Prop 8!! Of course I live in CA so it was in my face all the time. Sigh…